It’s a lazy Sunday morning. Or just another manic Monday? Either way, thanks to our friendly cup of coffee here, we are still able to write amazing Android stuff for you, day in, day out.

Coffee is probably the next best thing after ice cream and chocolate, at least for us. So it’s mind-boggling to know that it was first discovered by a goat. Yeah, the one with the beard and the horns. In the 9th century, a young boy named Kaldi noticed that his goat acted weird when eating some specific cherries. Turns out, the goat ate coffee cherries. The rest, as they say, is history.

We can’t probably recall the numerous times coffee has helped us pull through endless nights of burning the midnight oil. Oh, dear coffee, what would life be without you? So what could be more fitting than to bring to you the best Android apps for you coffee addicts out there?

Barista Me – Coffee Guide

One of the best Android apps for coffee lovers is Barista Me. We love this app for two simple reasons: first, is that it’s lightweight, and second, is that it’s a master in espresso-based coffee drinks. Essentially, Barista Me gives you access to many espresso recipes with graphics, such as layer guides and other detailed information about each specific drink. Additional features include a multiple choice quiz section that aims to educate users about coffee and extra info about the espresso drinks commonly found in cafés. If you love to learn more about that favorite brew of yours, Barista Me is your app.

My Coffee Card

My Coffee Card is the second best thing that you can get after a free cup of coffee. This Android app will help you manage your own gift cards, help you find the best coffee shops, allow you to pay using your smartphone or tablet, and track the corresponding rewards with your every purchase. That means that you can literally leave your wallet or card at home for a nice cup of coffee by  the beach. My Coffee Card is basically an advanced card manager for Starbucks that will allow you to make mobile payments for that delicious cup of coffee. But what separates the app from the rest is its homescreen widget that lets you see your current balance and reward stars with one touch. It’s also sensitive enough to inform you that you are running out of funds and will need to make a reloading pretty soon. My Coffee Card is fast, intuitive and free.


Of course, we can’t just let this app pass us by. Yes, it is the official app of Starbucks for Android. It’s very similar to the My Coffee Card app we were talking about, minus the homescreen widget. But there’s no doubt that it’s the best and fastest way to pay for your favorite Starbucks espresso or latte. This app also lets you view your balance, view your previous transactions, make payments, reload credits via a credit card, and keep tracks of your Stars through the My Starbucks Rewards Program. But unfortunately, the app is currently limited to U.S. Starbucks cards only. We’re really hoping that they will cover international coffee lovers soon. If you’re anywhere but in the U.S., you can use the My Coffee Card app instead.

Coffee Fix

Coffee Fix is popularly known as the best Starbucks finder for Android devices. We couldn’t agree more. Coffee Fix, previously named Find a Starbucks, is an overhauled app that will guide you to the nearest Starbucks in your neighborhood. Coffee Fix scans your location