Android and bloggers go together well. With smartphones and tablets shaping how everyone interacts with the internet, it is not surprising that a number of blogging apps, as well as third-party clients, are now available in the Android Market. Some apps even support video blogging, which is an instant way to update your blog followers on what you have been doing.

Here’s a rundown of some apps Android bloggers can play with.

Tumblr (free)

  • Supports video blogging
  • Tumblr for Android basically delivers what the desktop Tumblr can do, except for the Tumblr Ask function. It also supports multiple blogs.

WordPress (free)

  • Great for Quickpress and viewing comments, but it seriously lacks media and viewing experience support. Best to use the desktop site for content uploading.

Blogger (free)

  • The app can post with photos, labels, and location information, as well as shift from one Blogger account to another. Users however report the app to be buggy.

Livejournal (free)

  • A very basic app, Livejournal for Android best works for composing, editing, and posting blog entries, asking questions, and uploading photos.

  • Supports video blogging
  • Posterous, like Tumblr, acts like the desktop site while bringing in ease in mobile blogging. It lets you play with various media (except audio) and privacy controls.

  • Supports video blogging
  • This alternative to buggy Blogger has been around even before the official client came in. Multifaceted it is, but it comes with ads. Download the no-ad version for a minimum fee.

 Moby (free)


  • Supports video blogging
  • Moby is by far the most extensive blogging app, with distribution to 25 sites, including the top social networks and blog platforms. It is reported to be buggy, though, and will likely require some persistence.

CellSpin ($1.99)

  • Supports video blogging
  • Like a paid version of Moby, it captures video, audio, photo, and text and simultaneously publishes these to various sites authorized by the user.
With full fledged browsers on the rise, some bloggers prefer to using Dolphin or others to get their blogging done while on the move? Which of these apps is this best, and are there any we missed?