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Best Android apps for finding cheap flights

July 17, 2012

Just recently, we listed the best Android apps for finding cheap hotels. Such apps can be extremely handy when you’re planning a getaway, or perhaps a business trip.  They can also help you save on expenses.

In this app list, we feature some of the best apps that can help you cut down on the costs for getting to your destination or hotel by air travel.

Although trips usually call for quite a large amount of money, with the apps that you will be seeing below, money won’t be at the topmost of your “Things to Consider” list. Hopefully, with these apps you’ll shed off almost half of your trip expenses.  Read on to find out more about some of the best apps for finding cheap flights.

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights

TripAdvisor Hotel Flights does not only help you find cheap hotels but also cheap flights. Once you find an affordable hotel, you should also consider getting a cheap flight to further help you save money. This app sports an intuitive and simple UI that will take you straight to its features, saving you time in figuring out how to navigate the app.

This app lets you find cheap flights using its features. You can search a flight from any airline worldwide and set if you are aiming to have a one-way or a round-trip ticket. Both the departure and arrival dates are user-defined, same with the cabins you will be using during the flight.

A filter also helps you sort out the cheapest flight out of the search results. You can set the price range that best suits your budget. Flights that match the price range you set will be highlighted in green to help you spot that flight. With this app, you can save almost a fortune from both the flight and hotel bookings you will be making.

If you have no idea where to start finding cheap flight deals, Skyscanner – All Flights! is a good place to start. This app also has a website where you can find flight deals but if you don’t have the time or the convenience to access a computer, you can still bag yourself a flight deal using this app on your Android device.

You get to see flights from almost all airlines including low-cost airlines, allowing you to compare over a thousand flight rates. With just a few taps, you can get yourself an awesome flight deal using the app’s filter feature. Just search for a flight, apply the price filter that best fits your budget, and in just a few seconds, a list of affordable flights will be shown on your screen.

You can also choose to share your flight details with your friends or family with just one tap, very handy especially when you and your friends or your family are planning to go on a trip together. Search for affordable flights, book them, and share the flight details with your friends using Skyscanner – All Flights!, an app that can easily become one of your favorites.

One of the most trusted travel websites,, can now be accessed by Android users through its mobile app, KAYAK Flight Hotel Car Search, carrying the same awesome services but made more accessible and convenient for people on the go.

Kayak Flight Hotel Car Search has a user-friendly user interface that allows you to search for cheap flights with comfort and ease. You can compare flights according to price using the app’s filter option. Just like the other apps mentioned on this list, the most useful feature, the filter option, boasts of usability by presenting the cheapest flights that will probably match what you’ve set or even be cheaper than what you have in mind.

Aside from searching for affordable flights, booking can also be done using the app itself through choosing KAYAK as your booking option. You can also track your flight status using this app, informing you if your flight has been cancelled or delayed.

You can get this app free from the Google Play Store, one more reason to consider getting this app to help you search for cheap flights.

Traveling is one of the most rewarding things one can do, be it for business or leisure. Being in an unfamiliar place arouses in most people a rather interesting feeling and some people can really get hooked with traveling from place to place. One thing that will probably hinder the traveler in you is not only the hotel accommodation but also the cost of the flights.

easyJet may just be one app that can solve the problem of expensive airplane tickets. Searching and booking for cheap flights have been made easier with this app and aside from letting you do so, the app can also help you manage your flights. You can add your passport details to the flights you have booked and add or change a flight using the same app.

Sharing your flight details and trip information with your family and friends is also possible with easyJet via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media. Although the app is limited to searching for cheap flights only throughout Europe, coming updates will probably extend its service to more locations. Download easyJet and take it wherever you go.

Booking flights for your trips is made easy with CheapOair Flight Search, an app that specializes in finding cheap airplane tickets. Finding affordable flights may sometimes be time-consuming, especially if you don’t know where and when to start. If you have this app on your Android device, you won’t need to search far and wide just to get a hold of an awesome flight deal.

CheapOair Flight Search can help you save up to 65% on airfares from various airlines. And of course, the filter feature is also available, allowing you to sort search results according to price, travel time, airline, stops, and airports. Saving your flight searches will also be of much help to you when booking another flight in the future.

This app has also taken customization of your trips a notch higher with a travel tool that allows you to select your seat and meal preferences. You can also have your itinerary mailed to you if you are still uncertain about booking the flight. You can confirm the booking at a later time either using your computer or just book it straight from this app.

Hipmunk Hotel & Flight Search really feels for its customers. This app took into consideration how frustrating it can be for somebody to endure the many hours of a flight. If you are keen on both the price and the length of time a flight takes, this app might just be for you.

Hipmunk Hotel & Flight Search doesn’t only show the cheapest flight first. It also shows how long and how many stops a flight may take, coined as the “agony” filter. So, aside from bagging yourself a cheap ticket, you can also take into mind the agony you may go through with a certain flight.

Once you have found the cheapest and least agonizing flight, you can opt to book the flight straight from this app, e-mail it to somebody else, or complete booking the flight from your computer. Wherever you are, searching and booking for cheap flights is made easier and faster with this app.

You can get Hipmunk Hotel & Flight Search for free from the Google Play Store, another plus to saving you more money.

Developed by ITA Software, OnTheFly is another great money-saver app. It has an intuitive UI that also houses a travel date calendar, perfect for people who want take note of their flight dates. Although this app doesn’t support booking of flights, this can still be useful for searching affordable plane tickets from millions of airfare deals given daily.

OnTheFly has a simple user interface that can easily be fine-tuned to your liking. You have the choice of either searching for flights that follow a schedule or you can have a flexible flight, one that can leave anytime. You can also set the number of stops a flight may have, whether two or three stops are fine with you or you don’t want any stops at all.

A comprehensive table showing full disclosure of the airfare, the airline, departure and arrival times, and duration of the flights are completely shown to you after the search has been completed. You won’t miss even a single detail about a certain flight, allowing for more choices when you are searching for the cheapest flight that suits your preference at the same time.

Here’s one app that has an extensive range of usability, one that you will be needing every time you plan for a trip. Searching and booking flights using Orbitz – Hotels, Flights, Cars is already great but this app can be used for something more than just the basic searching and booking.

Orbitz – Hotels, Flights, Cars does great with searching for flights and sorting them according to price. What makes this app even more useful is the fact that it can also show you your flight status and gate and baggage claim information. This feature is useful when you are  traveling or you are picking somebody up from the airport.

You can also store your trip details even without the use of the Internet so you can access the info without scrambling from place to place just to have a connection. Your trip details may be stored locally so you have the ease of accessing it, even during your flight.

And, of course, another reason to get this app is the undeniable truth that it is free. Head on to the Google Play Store and get your hands on this app, you’ll love how handy this can be before and during your trips.

Saving a fortune will no longer be an overstatement, thanks to the some of the best Android apps for finding cheap flights.  These apps most certainly delight the frugal you. If going on a trip happens just once a year because you are particular with the expenses, with the apps we’ve just listed for you, you might consider flying off to other places every month. Planning for your trips has never been easier and faster. With your Android device, you can make a whole itinerary, without even breaking a sweat.