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Best Android apps for cooks and kitchen use

April 19, 2012

Have you ever turned on the television and wished that you could be like Gordon Ramsey or Nigella Lawson and whip up a special meal for your loved ones? Have you ever turned the pages of a cookbook and sighed in longing, wondering when you are ever going to be able to make something as delicious and that looks as good? Or, if you’re like me, have you ever pretended that you’re on a food show while cooking and showed off your amazing cooking skills to an imaginary audience?

Worry no more. With these Android apps on your Android device, you will be able to find your way around the kitchen even if you are not blessed by the cooking fairy, and (hopefully) make a meal that will have your friends and loved ones begging for more.

Recipe Search

The first step in any successful cooking endeavor is the finding and using of the perfect recipe. With the Recipe Search app, you won’t have to scour the Internet or your cookbooks for that perfect recipe–you can have them at your fingertips. The recipes in the app are organized into many categories, such as type of food menu, current recipes, and popularity of the recipe. There is even a YouTube app included so that you can see how the dish is made step-by-step, as well as the final product.

170,000+ Recipes BigOven

With the 170,000+ Recipes BigOven app, you will get thousands of recipes covering all your favorite recipes, plus more than you will ever hear of. You can try your hand at an old-family favorite with a twist, or venture into a new world of culinary adventures altogether. You can even find recipes for leftovers or a single dish so that you can create meals with a limited selection of ingredients. This great little app even has a share and upload function so that you can share your culinary masterpieces on your favorite social media websites.


With the perfect meal should come the perfect drink, and what better way to cap off cooking a great meal than by showing off your bartending skills as well? With the Bartender app by your side, you can create and mix mind-blowing drinks, as well as search for which drink would go great with a certain type of meal. You can search the drinks list according to name, recipe, and popularity. Bartender will help you make sure that there won’t be a dry glass in the house.

Calorie Counter

Foodies or cooks out there would know that the hardest thing when it comes to delicious food is counting how many calories you are taking in with each succulent, guilty bite. With Calorie Counter, you won’t have to kid yourself about how many calories you might be taking in; you’ll know exactly how much, and be able to have the appropriate guilt trip on yourself afterwards. On the brighter note, you’ll also know how many calories you’re avoiding, so that you can tell when it’s time to reward yourself for your willpower every now and again.

Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal

Another calorie counter? What gives? Cooks don’t have to worry just about the flavor of the food–they also have to worry about the amount of calories that the food has. Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal can not only calculate the calorie count in your meals but can also help you share and upload your daily calorie intake with friends so that they also know the sacrifices that you are making. It also has a ton of exercise programs available so that you can supplement your new diet with a new exercise regimen and completely create a healthy new you.


In the kitchen, knowledge is power, and with the KnowledgeBook: Cooking app, you’re definitely going to rule in your culinary kingdom. You can solve those awkward kitchen dilemmas where you might not have a certain ingredient by looking for an alternative or substitute ingredient, or you can look for meanings of certain words that you might encounter when you make exotic recipes. With the KnowledgeBook: Cooking app on your Android device, you’re sure to make a fun cooking experience even more enjoyable.

Cook Timer

In the world of cooking, timing is always essential. Sometimes, the difference between the beautifully cooked and delicious meal and a plate of over-cooked hunk of ingredients could be minutes. It could even be more difficult if you’re cooking a dish with different ingredients that have different cooking times. You’re not going to want to tuck into a dish that has one element cooked perfectly, but another element totally overcooked. That’s one spoiled dish! With the Cook Timer app, you can input multiple ingredients at the same time so that you know just when each ingredient is good to go for your plate.

Cooking Conversions

Sometimes, you need a simple app in the kitchen to help you through all those complicated recipes, and with Cooking Conversions, you’re sure to find all the information you need regarding amount conversions, temperature changes, and ingredient substitution. No frills and no gimmicks; just a really simple and easy-to-use app on your Android device to give you that extra boost in the kitchen.

Cook This, Not That!

Here’s an app based on the popular book, Eat This, Not That! Sure, you may have to dig a little into your pocket to own and use this app, but it’s a great addition to any cook’s Android device. The amazing Cook This, Not That! app gives you alternate recipes and ingredients to cook your favorite dishes using healthier and more nutritious ingredients. You’ll be able to save on the calories, but still get your money’s worth on the flavor and presentation.

With the best Android apps for cooks that we’ve featured in this post, whether you’re a kitchen newbie or a cuisine pro, you’re sure to find an app that will help you hone your culinary skills and create that perfect dish that will have you and your guests practically licking your plates clean.  If you’re not too fond of food prepping yourself, but delicious food is something you can’t resist, also check out our post on the best apps for foodies and food lovers.

What cooking app do you use on your Android device as you scurry about in your kitchen?