Are the type to spice up your gastronomical experience by trying out new food recipes every now and then? Food magazines, food channels and the internet are bursting with recommendations but you can also check for recipes right from the comfort of your Android device. Take a look at the Google Play Store and you’ll find lots of apps that can help you out with your food adventure, whether you like to cook things on your own or you like to try new food restaurants. We have listed 10 apps that you can try out below to help you broaden your eating horizons.

Recipe Search

Recipe Search is an app that allows you to search for recipes by typing in whatever available ingredients you have in your kitchen. It also provides search categories such as main dishes, appetizers, side dishes, desserts, soups, stews, and even ethnic and diet recipes to help you narrow down your search. Recipe Search has over 70,000 recipes that users can explore and if you find yourself having trouble following the instructions, you can click the YouTube button for a video tour. If you find a wonderful recipe, you can share that recipe with your friends and relatives via email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites.

Campbell’s Kitchen

Campbell’s Kitchen provides food fanatics with thousands of free delicious and nutritious recipes. Each recipe is presented with great food pictures and step-by-step instructions. You can browse for recipes, but if you are the type who likes surprises, this app can give you great food suggestions with its Quick Idea Shaker. You can also save and organize your favorite recipes in a Recipe Box. If you can’t decide which recipe you want to cook for dinner, you can use the Dinner Vote feature and let your family member or guests decide. Campbell’s Kitchen also lets easily you create a shopping list which you can either take yourself to the grocery store or send it to someone else to do the actual shopping.

KnowledgeBook: Cooking

Here’s a cooking app that doesn’t contain any recipes at all. The KnowledgeBook: Cooking app works like a cooking dictionary or textbook, providing basic tips and the rules of thumb of cooking. If you encounter problems like not having a certain ingredient, this app can help you out by telling you what you can use as a substitute. KnowledgeBook: Cooking also comes in very handy if you want to convert measurements, temperature, and other information such as high-altitude considerations.

Kraft Foods Cooking School

If you want to cook professional recipes, then the Kraft Foods Cooking School app will give them to you. You get to cook recipes with a touch of the expertise of Kraft Kitchen food professionals. The app illustrates these recipes through step-by-step recipe guides and cooking videos. Kraft Foods Cooking School also allows you to share any great recipes that you discover through this app to your friends or save these recipes so that you can always check them out at another time.

Dining Deals – Food Coupons

If you are the type who wants to go to famous restaurants but unfortunately is on a tight budget, the Dining Deals – Food Coupons app will suit you best. This app works by providing you with updates on the hottest deals and promos of different famous restaurants. You can sign up for the app’s Hot Deals Alert and it will provide you with notifications for great deals and promos. If you don’t want to check out those deals alone, you can always share those deals with a friend through email and SMS. Dining Deals also has exclusive offer pages providing users an opportunity to sign up for top food brands. You get more value for your money if you use the Dining Deals app to find great food deals.


If you want to eat out with your friends or with your family and you have a lot of restaurants to choose from in your city, deciding where to eat can be frustrating. Urbanspoon will help you find food shops and restaurants near you. If you’re not familiar with the area you’re in, Urbanspoon will help guide you to the closest restaurants. Urbanspoon provides you with suggestions based on your proximity, showing you each restaurant’s location on a map. After your delicious meal, you can save the food you ate along with a picture in memory of your food adventure. So, the next time you go into unfamiliar cities, use Urbanspoon to find places with great food to fill your stomach.

Pepper Plate

If you’re quite disorganized and none of your recipes are saved in a proper folder, then you need this app. Pepper Plate is an app dedicated for the very purpose of organizing all your recipes. Aside from that, it also allows you to create menus by combining your saved recipes. Pepper Plate also makes your shopping a lot easier. Just add your shopping list to the website and it will sync it with your Android device. What’s even better is that your shopping list will automatically be organized to be exactly as your order in the store. You also get to use other features like recipe timers to time your cooking and an automatic back up of your recipe collections through automatic synchronization to the website.

Discuss Cooking Forum

If you want to socialize with other people through the art of cooking, there’s an app just for that. The Discuss Cooking Forum app works like a social networking site for food lovers who want to share their thoughts with others and to find friends through food. You can become part of a food-loving community where members share and discuss their recipes. You can discuss your recipes with other people in community forums, General Cooking Forums, or Specific Chat and Recipes. Just like on a social networking site, you can post your own recipes, as well as rate recipes posted by other members. Other members can also rate your recipes, giving you some sort of an evaluation process to further improve your cooking. So, if you like to join a community of food fanatics, Discuss Cooking Forum is the app to go to.

Cooking Assistant Lite

Do you need a cooking assistant for when you cook? Cooking Assistant can do just that for you. It won’t wash the dishes or slice the ingredients for you, but it will surely help you in creating and finding recipes to cook. This app works like a virtual cook book where you can search for recipes if you run out of ideas on what to cook for your weekend dinners. If you think the recipes you find are a little bit unsuitable for your taste, you can tweak them. The app allows you to customize recipes according to your cooking style to give your recipes a personal touch. The app also includes a user manual to help you learn all of Cooking Assistant’s features and to maximize their use. The app can also back up all your recipes in cloud storage so that you can easily upload or download your recipes wherever you are.

Fast Food Calorie Lookup

If you want to eat outside but you’re worried about your calorie intake, Fast Food Calorie Lookup has your back covered. The app gives you the calorie counts of the food offered by 140 popular restaurants so that you can choose the appropriate calorie amount for you. This app is user friendly and straightforward. All you need to do is pick a restaurant, pick an item, and then you get the calorie count. Fast Food Calorie Lookup also has an on-board database which means that you don’t need to use the Internet to get your calorie count. If your favorite restaurant is not included in the app, you can send a request so that it will be available in the next update of the app. So, if you want to eat healthy, this app can count the calories for you.

These Android apps will surely help get you started on your gastronomical adventure. If you’re tired of eating out, download one of these apps to help you make something for your friends and family right from the comfort of your own home. If you’ve got a favorite restaurant or recipe app that we didn’t include in the list, share it with us in the comments section for other foodies to find and enjoy.

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