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Best Android apps for drivers, car owners, and car enthusiasts

May 21, 2012

Navigating the busy streets of a metropolitan city will never be the same again. If you are a car enthusiast or simply a guy who owns a car, then you definitely know the importance of keeping your car regulated, checked and keeping it fine-tuned. With the current advancements in technology, especially in mobile devices, navigation has also greatly improved.

If you have an Android phone and a sleek new car, then life in the fast lane couldn’t be much sweeter. Here are some apps that will surely compliment your need for speed.

For all of you road warriors out there, here’s an app that will surely save you on gas. FuelLog by Simon Morgenthaler is a great traveling companion that helps keep track of your fuel consumption, costs, and maintenance.

FuelLog does more than what its name suggests. It also gives you detailed information on fuel consumption, mileage, services, the cost of your car, and a whole lot more. To start, all you need to do is enter important details describing your car, like the price and model costs. Complete its description by adding notes.

The app calculates a lot of useful statistics, from fuel mileage to maintenance expenses. Speaking of statistics, the app also sports 6 different graphs for easy reference. Not only that, FuelLog also reminds you about the maintenance checks for your car and other important stuff necessary to keep your car in good shape.

Fine-tuning your car couldn’t get any easier than this. Torque for Android is a car performance diagnostic tool that communicates with your OBD2 engine or ECU via OBD II Bluetooth adapter. Torque redefines everything by bringing you detailed information on your car’s performance and BHP.

Once connected, you can view your car’s DTC or even reset the data just like any ordinary scan tool. Not only that, Torque also provides real-time GPS tracking with the OBD engine logs, so you can always go back and see what you are doing at that particular point in time.

Torque works on any vehicle, as long as it uses the OBD 2 standard. Other features of Torque include a massive Fault Code database that helps users look for fault codes from manufacturers, heads up display for night-time driving, GPS speedometer, Turbo boost, alarms, and warnings.

Did you forget where you parked your car? That isn’t a problem because Car Locator is here to save your day. You’ve probably seen Car Locator in a Verizon commercial. Car Locator is a straightforward app that automatically saves the location of where you parked your car so you can easily see where you left it. It’s no wonder why many car aficionados choose this app.

Car Locator’s easy-to-use interface will amaze users. It sports a radar type view that shows your car as a red dot on the map. You can change it to a map-style view if you don’t like everything colored green. Car Locator also has other tricks up its sleeves aside from tracking your car. The app features a parking timer, the ability to save notes and photos, and the option to beam your current location to another person via phone or email. All of your data is stored in the app’s database for easy reference and for later use.

Here’s something that speed devils will definitely want to download to their phones. Introducing SpeedView Pro, an advanced speedometer application that features lot of utility tools that will make driving worth your time.

SpeedView works by accessing your phone’s built-in GPS system and displays useful information when you’re out on the road. On the app’s main screen, you will find detailed information on your car, like your maximum and average speed, the direction you are going in, the total distance traveled, and time it will take for you to reach that destination.

Since the app is based on your phone’s GPS, the app is much more accurate than devices found on your car. There is also an HUD mode that allows you to place your phone on your car’s dashboard and see the reflected speed in front of you. Other features include speed warning and graph, display units, and background mode.

A car enthusiast’s day will never be complete without a daily dose of the latest news about cars. Get all the news straight from your phone with Automobile Magazine News. Serious car enthusiasts only deserve the best news about the automobile business and Automobile Magazine will deliver that to you without fail.

On the app’s main screen, you can choose to watch a video on the latest cars, catch the latest news, browse interesting car photos or subscribe to news updates on what’s hot in the automobile industry. If you are a certified car enthusiast then Automobile News is a must-have.

What better way to keep your car in tip-top shape than with a simple app that will track your car down to its bare essentials. aCar is another car management system that helps car owners track all important information on their vehicle’s current condition. This includes detailed information like gas mileage, maintenance, fill-ups, expenses, and trip details.

One of the biggest plus factors of aCar is the ability to track down important information relating to your vehicle. The app is like a personal assistant, giving you tips and reminders on using your vehicle. These reminders are based on the time and the mileage use of your car. aCar also notifies you when an event is due.

All of your data is stored in the app itself, and you can always convert those digits into helpful graphs that you can easily understand. aCar is available both in pro and free versions.

Here’s another car locator app that will definitely keep track of your car wherever you are. MyCar Locator is one of the easiest and highest ranked car locator service in the Google Play Store with over half a million downloads. Unlike other car locator apps, MyCar Locator is easy to set up and use.

To use MyCar Locator, all you need to do is park your car and push one button on the app’s interface. Your car will automatically be marked on the map and saved on the app’s system. The app will also ask you to add some notes if you want to describe that location. If you want to head back to your car, MyCar Locator will automatically guide you in the process.

Want extra details every time you drive your car? Then look no further by downloading Car Dashboard, an alternative way to get detailed information on your car. Aside from the common speedometer that you have on your car’s dashboard, the app can be helpful in giving you some extra information about your trip.

Car Dashboard will automatically launch when you place the app in a car dock or something that has a magnet. Users can either use the app in portrait or landscape modes. Car Dashboard features an advanced speedometer that alerts you about the present situation. It also features a handy compass to help you get your bearings and a fully customizable speed alert. The app also shows the current temperature and altitude and, more importantly, tracks your current location. A paid version for this app is also available.

Beat the Traffic is the easiest way to navigate through traffic in the United States and Canada. Users who always have a hard time navigating the busy streets of metropolitan cities will no longer have anything to worry about. Quickly check the latest road traffic conditions in your area and find an alternative route to evade traffic jams.

Beat the Traffic helps car owners and commuters navigate through busy cities with the most accurate traffic map available to date. Users will gain access to real-time information that includes average speeds, incidents on the road, and road work that is near your vicinity. You can also configure Beat the Traffic to set up alerts and get warnings about traffic delays on your routes. Not only that, users can also access traffic camera images in over 34 cities.

If you’re looking for the ultimate navigation guide, nothing beats Google Maps, and together with Street View on Google Maps, navigating cities will never be the same again. Explore the world down to street level with Google Maps Street View. The app compliments the popular GPS-based map with a 3D view of the area.

Check out places that you want to visit in the future and take a virtual trip to enchanting places all over the world. Street View is easy to use and all you need is to open Google Maps. Street View lets you explore street-level scenery in world locations and at 360-degree views. Explore world landmarks and natural wonders, or go on an imaginary trip. You can even turn and explore streets as if you were actually there, as the app naturally transforms the map into a 3D landscape.

Google has upped the ante with its Google Maps software, adding a new feature that allows users to navigate busy streets. You’ll never need to carry a map again because Google Maps with Navigation will be the only thing that you need when you travel bustling cities.

Users of Google Maps with Navigation will still recognize the same Google Maps interface but it’s packed with added features. Turn any ordinary map into detailed locations as buildings will pop out, giving you a sense of how big or small the area is. Navigation will also be a breeze as you are guided with voice recognition via GPS navigation. Users will also be able to view live traffic information to avoid congested areas. There are also indoor maps for selected airports, hotels, and business establishments, so you will never feel lost when visiting those areas.

Become the King or the Queen of the road with these Android apps. You’ll never get lost or find yourself stranded because of car troubles. Download some of these apps to make sure that you’ll always be aware of your car’s condition and so you’ll be able to navigate your car anywhere.