If I were to talk about a sport that is popular, exciting and cherished, the only thing that comes to mind is basketball. Die hard fans from all over the globe have stuffed their closets with souvenirs and merchandise. If you love basketball then you also love watching basketball leagues like NBA and NCAA. However, not all basketball fans can make it to the court. Other fans keep getting outdated results, or they just get bored at home because it’s off-season. Basketball fans can celebrate because we’ve put together some apps that’ll keep you cool and updated right from the comfort of your own home.

NBA Game Time 2011-2012

Most basketball fans love the NBA and if you’re looking for an app that gives you latest updates about NBA, we’ve got good news. Introducing NBA Game Time 2011-2012, an app that is especially made for basketball fans who are striving to grab the most recent updates on the NBA. It’s a must-have for fans because you’ll have stats, scores, and schedules for every NBA game in the palm of your hands! You can also receive NBA Twitter updates. And, if you miss your favorite team’s game, you can access full-time video recaps, as well as progress video highlights and videos. With this app you can receive updates on the NBA even while you’re sleeping.

Basketball Shots 3D

The new face of basketball fun is now available on Android. Experience the thrill basketball stars give you when you’re watching their games straight from your phone! Download Basketball Shots 3D, one of the best basketball games Android has to offer. Score each game with 25 points in five different positions under 1 minute. Enjoy its 3D graphics with realistic physics and challenge your friends to get the bests scores and earn coins. Just shoot the ball using your fingers and get ready to be addicted by Basketball Shots 3D. If you find the game too easy, try increasing your difficulty level to make it more challenging. Basketball Shots 3D has four difficulty levels, plus unlockable achievements and online challenges.

Basketball News

If you’re looking for an app specially made for basketball updates and the latest events, you’re probably looking for Basketball News. Get updated with the latest basketball news around the NBA anytime, anywhere, on your Android phone. Basketball News gives you news on matches and teams from all divisions. With this app, you’ll never miss the latest news on your favorite basketball stars and teams, whether from Atlantic, Central, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest, or Pacific. Just like bringing a newspaper in your pocket, you’re getting news from sources like Yahoo, Bleacher Report, Fox Sport, CBS Sport, Sport Illustrated, USA Today, Sporting News and ESPN. Keep in touch with the latest developments in the world of basketball with Basketball News.

Individual Basketball Stats

Designed to track a single player’s stats in every game he plays for an entire season, Individual Basketball Stats allows you to export stats via e-mail in an Excel file. You can view these stats per game or for the entire season. Just simply select the player you want and you can view stats such as Track Points, FGA/M, 3PA/M FTA/M, Fouls, Offensive / Defensive Rebounds, Assists,Turnovers, Block Shots, and Steals per player by Period and totals per team. If that isn’t enough for you, you might want to consider keeping track of a whole team using Team Basketball Stats.

NBA: King of the Court

Be ready to get into the world of virtual basketball, be ready for NBA: King of the Court! Travel different locations as you progress through the game. Compete, earn coins, and experience the thrill with a tap of your finger. You can also search local courts and challengers in your area using the browser camera view. Challenge and invite your friends using the in-game Facebook messaging feature.

Who says you can’t earn royalties if you won’t play? You can still collect great royalties when other players shoot on your courts. You can also get instant points on both offensive and defensive ways. Trigger auto dunks and hyper shots like Alley Oops and Slam Dunk for offense and crank up the “D” with effects like lockdown and double team that fortify your courts against would-be challengers. Unlock divisions, defend, and win battles. Compete in weekly contests to get special awards, climb royal ranks, and challenge players from all over the world. Grab that crown as the king of basketball, and rule the world!

ESPN ScoreCenter

Get updates from scores and news to standings from your favorite basketball stars and teams that aren’t just in the NBA but from sport leagues around the world. ESPN ScoreCenter is one of the most comprehensive and convenient scorecenter apps on Android that covers every pitch and goal that basketball players take. Some of ESPN ScoreCenter’s features are personalized scoreboards and live game details and the option to follow your favorite teams on one card. You can get the latest news coverage from ESPN and aggregated local sources so you’ll never be left out of the loop again. You can even enjoy the ESPN editorial staff’s deep news and analysis anytime you want.

GO SMS Pro Basketball theme

Having difficulty finding basketball apps with a different touch? Try GO SMS Pro Basketball theme designed by GO SMS Dev Team. You can enjoy the best and most colorful basketball themes for your Android phone. Install the latest version of GO SMS Pro to get themes. Just download one from the menu Theme (or Plug-in UI->Theme shop). After you download it, the theme will be automatically displayed in “Installed Themes.” Apply it and enjoy! If you’d like more themes, GO SMS Pro light blue theme and purple Fusion Go SMS Pro are also available.

Basketball Racing

Basketball is probably the most popular sport in the world, played on both the amateur and professional levels. There are hundreds of leagues all over the world, but not every basketball fan knows how to actually play the game. For the less-than-athletic, there are basketball games to satisfy your sports cravings. If you think you’ve tried them all, make way for Basketball Racing.

The famous life-like street basketball game is now available on Android. Be able to play its two modes: time limit mode with unlimited balls for 60 seconds, and balls limit with no game time limit but you can only shoot up to 40 balls. Just tap and drag the “ball summoning area” to set the direction and power and release to shoot the ball. Submit your scores to the gamebox and compete with players from all over the globe for the record of the world’s highest score.

Basketball coach’s clipboard

When we talk about basketball, what first comes to mind is the game. Basketball fanatics may be good at it, but only a few of them are as well-versed as coaches in planning techniques and strategies. Though some coaches are veteran players, most them were definitely born for it. If you’re aspiring to be a coach, you shouldn’t settle for a messy whiteboard when you can have Basketball coach’s clipboard!

Move players and draw lines on the screen just by using your fingers. Animate the plays you want to better get your message across to your players. Change the number of players, players’ numbers and name with text colors, and adjust animation speed. The app can be customized into full or half-court modes. If you and your team aren’t in the same room, you can share plays through email and save plays in your playbook.

Basketball Tactics

Struggling as a basketball player? Trying to be the best? Imitating the tactics of your favorite basketball players but just can’t make it work? Don’t worry because Basketball Tactics is here to help you. Learn the best of the best basketball techniques and strategies using this app–from detailed basketball plays to offenses and defenses right on your phone.

Improve your ability and skills in basketball and be just like your favorite basketball superstars. You can also see animated basketball plays in a diagram. Basketball Tactics gives you updates on any new basketball tactics. If you have tried all the tactics this app has to offer you, don’t worry because more tactics will be coming very soon. What are you waiting for? Download Basketball Tactics now and start practicing those moves.

With that list of apps, you’ll never be bored at home. Get updated on the latest developments in the world of basketball or try out your moves on the court.

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