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10 best Android apps and games from September 2015

September is over but a ton of awesome apps and games got released. Here's our list of the best Android apps and games from September of 2015!

Published onSeptember 30, 2015

Android Apps Weekly

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The last quarter of the year is upon us! People are going back to school, the weather is starting to change, and we’re getting ready to head into the holiday season. We’re also at the end of September which means it’s time to round up the best Android apps and games from September 2015!

adblock browser Android Apps Weekly
Adblock Browser

[Price: Free]
Adblock has become a commonplace occurrence and it was only a matter of time before a browser was released that had this functionality built in. The Adblock Browser is, overall, a simple browser that does most of the basic browser stuff like bookmarks and, of course, browsing the web. It does have the ad-blocking built in which will remove most ads from most sites. There are some bugs here and there but overall it seems to be pretty solid.

eternity warriors 4 Android Apps Weekly
Eternity Warriors 4

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Eternity Warriors 4 is the newest in the famous franchise of hack-and-slash RPGs from Glu Mobile. This one features enhanced graphics and game play from Eternity Warriors 3 along with a slew of new missions, new story lines, and more new stuff to do. There is also an online component that lets you battle people as well as join guilds. There are also leaderboards, weekly events, and more to help keep the game fresh.

fifa 16 ultimate team Android Apps Weekly
FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Another big name game came out this last month and it was FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. This is the successor to FIFA 15 and will likely rank among the best sports games released this year. It brought a whole new gaming engine which looks phenomenal but has been a problem to run on many devices. Also, in the typical EA style, there are some rather aggressive in-app purchases. Still, this is a solid sports game if you can get passed that other stuff.

google wallet Android Apps Weekly
Google Wallet

[Price: Free]
Earlier this month, Google officially evolved the original Google Wallet into Android Pay and filled the void with this new Google Wallet app. It doesn’t handle NFC payments anymore, but it does show you things like your account history, account balance, transactions, and you can manage your Google Wallet Card. It’s wrapped up in beautiful Material Design and if you use Android Pay, you should really already have this also.

khan academy Android Apps Weekly
Khan Academy

[Price: Free]
Khan Academy has actually be around for a while but previously the application was in beta. Now it’s out for public consumption and with it comes better stability and a whole ton of features. For those who may not know, Khan Academy is an online learning site that helps you learn all kinds of skills and brush up on all kinds of knowledge. It syncs with the site so you can pick up where you left off effortlessly and it’s totally free to use.

khan academy Android Apps Weekly

mirrativ best new android apps and games from august 2015

[Price: Free]
Mirrativ is a unique application that allows you to capture whatever it is you’re doing on your Android device and then stream that to other people. Think of it like Periscope mixed with Twitch except it’s not limited to using just Twitter or playing games. It requires Android 5.0 to use it and it works reasonably well in most cases. However, do beware of those bugs because they do exist. Otherwise, this is pretty fun.

move to ios android apps weekly
Move to iOS and Stick with Android

[Price: Free]
Hilariously, two applications came out this last month that do exactly what they say they’re going to do. The first was Move to iOS which actually does work despite the perceived slap to the face. Following in its footsteps was Stick with Android, an application that also does exactly what it says it does. Between these two goofy apps, you can move to iOS or stay on Android, the choice is yours.

stick with Android Android Apps Weekly

order and chaos 2 android apps weekly
Order & Chaos 2: Redemption

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Not to be left in the dust by Eternity Warriors 4, Gameloft released their next iteration of Order & Chaos, dubbed Order & Chaos 2: Redemption. This MMORPG delivers hack-and-slash game play, online co-op mode, online PvP, and even online trading. There is a ton of story line content and quests to go on although it can get a bit overwhelming from time to time. It’s a fun game but do beware of the early release bugs.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Android Apps Weekly
Pokemon Shuffle

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
For years now, Pokemon fans have been pining for a real, legitimate Pokemon game on mobile. Well, we now officially have a Pokemon game although it’s not quite what we were expecting. Pokemon Shuffle is a match-three style of game where you do battle with other Pokemon by matching icons similar to Bejeweled. There’s a lot of content and plenty of official Pokemon fun. It’s not the game we wanted, but it’s a start and we appreciate it.

unkilled Android Apps Weekly

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Last and certainly not least this month is UNKILLED. This is a title out of MADFINGER Games, the same studio that brought us the Dead Trigger series. Frankly, this game could’ve been called Dead Trigger 3 and no one would’ve batted an eye. You get all kinds of awesome weapons and mow down all kinds of awesome zombies. It’s all wrapped up in some really impressive graphics for a mobile game and it’s free to play. It’s a great little first person shooter.

Wrap up

If we missed any awesome Android apps and games, tell us about them in the comments! If you want to stay up to date on the latest Android apps and games news, don’t forget to subscribe to our Android Apps Weekly newsletter using the form below!

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