January is coming to a close and we had a very exciting beginning to 2014. There were a lot of wearable things at CES 2014 and, of course, there were some awesome applications released. Below, we round up the best new Android apps of January 2014. If you’d rather watch it than read it, we’ve added the video for you above.

Bad Hotel Android appsBad Hotel

[Price: $1.99]
First up is Bad Hotel. In this fun little time waster you must build a hotel that can sustain damage from all of the terrible things that are trying to destroy it. You essentially start Get it on Google Playwith a core and must build around it to protect it from such things as birds that have bombs. It’s quick but fun and it only costs a couple of bucks in the Play Store.
Bad Hotel Android apps

Deus Ex The Fall Android appsDeus Ex: The Fall

[Price: $6.99]
If you want something a little more heavy, Deus Ex: The Fall is a good option. It features a full 3D graphics experience. In this game you can choose what genre you play. You can either do Get it on Google Playstealth mode or all out action mode, it’s your call. The graphics are nice, the story is competent, and unlike most of Square Enix’s games, its price is somewhat reasonable.
Deus Ex The Fall Android apps

Farm Heroes Saga Android appsFarm Heroes Saga

[Price: Free]
Farm Heroes Saga is essentially Candy Crush Saga with a new skin. Instead of dealing with candy, you’re dealing with fruits and vegetables. Otherwise the essential premise remains the same. Get it on Google PlayYou must mix and match specific icons to complete levels. There are hundreds of levels and it’s free so if you need something to keep you occupied for a while this is it.
Farm Heroes Saga Android apps

Final Fantasy 6 Android appsFinal Fantasy VI

[Price: $15.99]
Final Fantasy 6 was released in January to mixed reactions. Some people think the game needed more work and that the new graphics weren’t enough. Other people didn’t care and picked it up for nostalgia value alone. It’s very expensive at $16 Get it on Google Playbut this is one of the best RPGs of all time. Despite the nearly nonstop line of complaints, the game itself still garners a 4.5 rating in the Play Store so there is that.
FInal Fantasy 6 android apps

Jelly Android appsJelly

[Price: Free]
Jelly is a brand new social network from one of the same minds that brought us Twitter. In this network you take pictures of things, ask questions about it, and other people answer if they know. The Get it on Google Playapp itself could use some work as the interface is whatever the opposite of intuitive is but it is free and we assume they’ll update things to make it more enjoyable eventually.
Jelly Android apps

Privatext Android appsPrivatext – Private Messaging

[Price: Free]
Privatext was released in response to that ridiculously stupid security issue with Snapchat. In Privatext, the interface takes you back to 1990 which is kind of lame but the app itself works perfectly fine. With this you get a totally private messaging service where your messages self-destruct after a Get it on Google Playperiod of time. It requires a PIN like BBM and looks like it was designed by Netscape, but if you really need private messaging, this is a pretty good app to try.
privatext android apps

Recollect Trending Android appsRecollect

[Price: Free]
We talked about Recollect a few weeks ago and for good reason. It’s a brand new app that helps remind you of things you need to do. Using it is very simple. You define your home, office, grocery store, etc, then you create tasks that you Get it on Google Playneed to at those locations at certain times. Then, when you’re near those locations or the time approaches, Recollect will remind you. It has a good design and it’s free.
Recollect trending Android apps

small fry android appsSmall Fry

[Price: Free]
Small fry is an infinite runner that takes place in the ocean, in the air, and in space. This surprisingly addictive game took up more of my time that I’m willing to admit to because it’s simple, quick, and fun. You play as a fish, you tap Get it on Google Playthe screen to dive, and that’s really it. The fish jumps on its own and using this very simple control scheme, you just need to not get hit. It’s harder than it looks.
small fry android apps

stack exchange android appsStack Exchange

[Price: Free]
If you’ve got a question, chances are that Stack Exchange has the answer or, if they do not, people who use Stack Exchange know the answer. Now they have an official app and it works really well. Using it you can browse any of one of their bajillion subsidiaries and Get it on Google Playget answers for everything from programming to speaking Italian and even gaming. It’s well designed and it’s easy to sign up so if you’ve got questions, this app has answers.
stack exchange android apps

Talon for Twitter Android appsTalon for Twitter

[Price: $1.99]
We reviewed Talon for Twitter and at the end of this video, we’ll provide a link to that. Talon is a dark-themed Twitter app that costs $2 and all things considered, it’s a solid Twitter app. You get a few fun features like live streaming support and Talon Pull plus there is also a Get it on Google Playtheme engine so purveyors of the theming arts can make it look how they please. With Twitter’s dastardly token limit looming, you may want to pick this one up while you can.
Talon for Twitter Android apps

Udemy Android appsUdemy

[Price: Free]
We also reviewed Udemy and since this blogger has a penchant for educational apps, it’s highly recommended that you go watch it! Using this app you can view and enroll in classes that teach you anything from 3D modeling to programming, and even stuff like Get it on Google Playcooking, second languages, and Yoga. There are free and paid classes should you want to take them and it can be fairly handy for people looking to get into something new.
Udemy Android apps

Wrap up

If there’s an awesome app that came out in January and you think it should’ve made the list, feel free to leave a comment and tell us all about it. Also, don’t forget to check back next month for our best Android apps for February.

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