ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQX monitor at angle

There’s never a bad time to give your workstation a boost, especially when it comes to a new monitor. A 27-inch display is a perfect size for just about any situation as well. It offers enough real estate to stay productive at work while not feeling like you’re staring down at a television. If you’re ready to make the change, here are our picks for the best 27-inch monitors you can buy.

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We’ve tried to cover several different manufacturers on our list, as well as many price points. A few of these options are great for gaming, while others are geared for creative and professional pursuits. No matter what you’re looking for, make sure you research carefully first.

The best 27-inch monitors:

Editor’s note: We’ll keep this list updated with new 27-inch monitors as they launch.

Razer Raptor 27-inch monitor

If you’re looking for new gaming accessories, there’s no doubt that Razer is worth your consideration. The 27-inch Raptor monitor is a perfect example of what makes the company great, too. It packs sleek black styling, vivid green highlights, and endlessly customizable Razor Chroma RGB lights.

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Razer is first and foremost a gaming company, so it follows that the company went for a 144Hz refresh rate and an impressive 95% color gamut to round out your experience. The Raptor also features a rear cable management system so you can keep your battle station neat and tidy.

HP Z27

If you know anything about HP and its various product lines, you know that the Z line means business. No, really, this monitor is built to excel in a modern workplace. The ultraslim bezels make it a breeze to connect multiple Z27s, and the 4K resolution is everything you could ask for at a work station.

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HP’s Z27 makes our list of the best 27-inch monitors because no detail has been overlooked. It can receive pictures and data, and the Z27 can even charge your laptop at 65W thanks to the USB-C connectivity. The built-in USB-A hub also allows you to attach your needed mouse and keyboard even if your laptop left extra ports behind.

BenQ PD2720U

The next pick on our list of top 27-inch monitors is a creative powerhouse from BenQ. While the names become more complicated from here on out, the purpose remains ever-clear. The PD2720U shines with a Pantone certified and Calman verified 4K display and HDR10 support. Whether you’re a graphic design professional or consider it a hobby, the PD2720U packs the punch you need.

In addition to the brilliant display, BenQ chose Thunderbolt 3 as the powerhouse of its monitor. That means you can easily daisy chain a few together for an even better workspace experience. BenQ’s monitor also makes the most of a hotkey puck, which allows you to fine-tune your color settings or choose from a few presets.

Dell UltraSharp U2720Q

Dell is famous for its slim bezels, especially when it comes to the XPS line. However, this UltraSharp 27-inch monitor can give the XPS a run for its money, especially with the extra screen real estate. All four bezels are nearly identical, which helps the 2K or optional 4K display appear nearly edgeless.

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Like the last few options, this perfectly sized Dell monitor doesn’t skip out on the connectivity. You can swap between USB-A and USB-C or swap for HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity.

Acer KB272HL Hbi

The more time you spend with this 27-inch Acer monitor, the less you’ll think about the silly name. Between the Zero Frame design, 1ms response time, and AMD FreeSync, Acer is ready to get you in the game. Even though the Full HD display doesn’t rely on any gaming style cues, there’s not much question that this display is built to perform.

If there’s one drawback to the Acer KB272HL Hbi among our top 27-inch monitors, it’s the distinct lack of ports. While most others include a few USB options, this monitor comes with just an HDMI and a DisplayPort for you to use. Overall, it should meet your needs as long as you have a USB hub or a computer with plenty of ports.

Philips 276E9QDSB

One of the biggest problems you’ll run into while shopping for a 27-inch monitor is the sheer cost. Some options on this list reach $1,000, but this Philips monitor is a great budget-friendly alternative. It will run you just $149, and it offers more ports than the previous Acer pick. Not many more, but more nonetheless.

Outside of the great price, you’re mainly looking at a fairly standard monitor. The Philips 276E9QDSB covers a wide range of colors, and it’s easy on your eyes thanks to AMD FreeSync, LowBlue mode, and flicker-free technology. All in all, you probably won’t find a better deal on a 27-inch display.

Samsung CF390 Series

Samsung is yet another famous display maker that we couldn’t possibly leave off our list. The CF390 Series is unique from other 27-inch options on this list, though due to its curved design. Although curved TVs never quite got off the ground, the curved computer monitor certainly seems to have gained a bit more traction.

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It doesn’t hurt that Samsung went for the best that it could fit in a small form-factor, either. The Full HD monitor won’t cause too much harm to your wallet, and Eye Saver mode is a must-have when you spend hours on end staring at your screen. Samsung’s CF390 Series monitor packs just one HDMI port and a VGA option, so ensure that you have the right mix of peripherals.

Dell SE2719H 27-inch monitor

Dell is the rare manufacturer to make our list twice, but this is one of the best value 27-inch monitors you’ll find. It’s not as crisp as the UltraSharp option — dropping to a Full HD resolution instead of 2K or 4K clarity. Dell’s SE2719H isn’t as premium in terms of response time either, but you’ll find that the 5ms setting is plenty fast enough for most needs.

The Dell SE2719H even comes in at well under $200, which is a tough feat for most others on this list to match. You might have trouble connecting a second monitor due to the single HDMI, single VGA design, but the micro-thin bezels make up for the other shortcomings.