Rogers Samsung Galaxy note

The Samsung Galaxy Note carried by Canadian telcos Rogers and Bells are getting Jelly Bean upgrades as we speak, with the news now officially confirmed.

After the update was made available to Telus users not long ago, it’s time for Bell and Rogers Samsung Galaxy Note customers to get a good taste of that delicious Jelly Bean. The news has been confirmed by Samsung Canada on its Twitter page, with the company saying that the update is available via Samsung Kies

The news is also confirmed on the Rogers forums OS Upgrades section, while Bell’s software updates page for the device lists it as still being on Android 4.0.4 (presumably, it should be updated at some point).

Over the air updates are not yet mentioned, but should probably roll out in the future. At the moment, Samsung Canada is telling users on its Facebook page that the update should be done using the Kies software.

Are you a Canadian Samsung Galaxy Note user? Have you received the update yet?

Bogdan Bele
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