If I were to describe advancing technology in one word, the word “instant” would perfectly describe modern technology. With our high-tech gadgets and portable devices, we can almost do anything instantly. You can check your mail, send messages to your loved ones, and do almost anything — instantly — in the palm of your hands.

With technology’s rapid speed, users find it hard to keep up with their devices. We may sometimes have difficulty in replying to all our messages or answering incoming calls. If you’re busier than a buzzing bee and your Android phone is continuously playing the notification tone of unread SMS messages or incoming calls, you need the help of beeZee, an autoreply app for Android.

This app will automatically send automated SMS messages in times when you cannot reply to your messages or answer your calls. You can even update your Facebook account and tell your friends that you’re still buzzing around, collecting honey for the rainy days.

Launching the app will bring you to a list of supported languages. The app has a variety of supported languages such as English, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and many more. This feature will allow the app to be used internationally. After selecting your language, you will be directed to app’s main interface.

The app features a simple user-interface with a yellow honey-themed background, which is inspired by the name of the app. You can also find the default profile on the main interface. Profiles are used to tell your contacts why you’re unavailable to reply to their text or answer their call. You can also add your own profile by typing it on the text bar above. You can create and add your own profiles such as “Out for lunch” or “Having a power-nap” in the app.

Tapping a profile will then bring you to a page that allows you customize the profile. Here, you can set a time frame for a particular profile. For instance, if driving from home to work will take you about 1 hour, you can set the duration of your “Driving for work” profile into 1 hour. The app will also set an estimated time when this profile will expire based on your set duration and the current time on your phone. These data will be used to tell your contacts when you will be available to return their calls or reply to their messages. Here on this page, you can also set your phone to silent and update your Facebook account with your current profile. This will alert and update your friends of what’s keeping you busy. Once all are set, you can tap Set to activate the profile.

Once a profile has been activated, the beeZee logo will appear on your status bar. You can also find beeZee on your notification menu. When you receive a call or a SMS message, beeZee will automatically generate an SMS message with your current activated profile. You can also manually deactivate your profile by tapping beeZee on your notification menu. Take note that your device will be sending regular SMS messages, so SMS charges may be applied by your carrier.

You can customize the app by going to the settings menu. Here you can set the app to reply to your contacts only, add an additional message, add an the expiration date to the automated messages, and allow the app to reply to received SMS messages. You can also change the language and log-in to your Facebook account on the Settings menu.

Ads are located at the bottom of the screen, although I didn’t find them annoying or obtrusive at all. We ran ad detector tests and possible threats were not detected when it was scanned by an anti-virus software app. The app’s permission requirements also look reasonable enough and don’t contain suspicious permissions.

Most other users who have tried the app gave it a lot of positive remarks. Most of them mention that the app works perfectly on their phones, however, it did not go well on our test phones (Galaxy S3 and HTC Sensation). I sent a couple of test messages and missed calls to our test phone with beeZee profile activated. A couple of minutes later, the app wasn’t able to generate an SMS message.

I did the test again but this time I kept the phone screen on with the activated beeZee profile and sent a text message from another phone. The app was able to detect the message and instantly sent the automated reply. Although I’m not quite sure if the problem lay in our test phones, the app doesn’t seem to detect incoming SMS messages or calls if your phone is sleeping.

What about you? Have you tried the app? The beeZee app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. What do you think of it? Buzz in the comments section.