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Deal: The Bedphones are wireless headphones designed for sleep

The Bedphones are tiny on-ear headphones that mask noisy environments.
August 3, 2019

It’s common to use audio to sleep. Whether it’s listening to music, meditation, podcasts, or audiobooks, many prefer to drown everything out. The Bedphones — the world’s smallest on-ear headphones — are designed for exactly that.

The wireless Bedphones truly shine for people who sleep next to a snoring partner, a rumbling train track, or a loud roommate. The earpieces are designed to mask ambient sounds, so you won’t disturb the world and it won’t disturb you.

The earpieces are designed to mask ambient sounds and stay attached to your ears all night.

If you’ve ever tried, you’ll know that sleeping with earbuds can be uncomfortable. That’s why the lightweight material and soft foam earpieces of the Bedphones are incredibly thin and adjustable, letting you lie on them in peace. 

The Bedphones also feature memory wire ear hooks, so you’re able to listen to your favorite podcast without the worry of the earpieces falling out. This is especially handy for side-sleepers as the hooks securely attach to your ears even if you flip around in bed.

The Bedphones at a glance:

  • The thin design and infinitely adjustable ear hooks let you listen in comfort.
  • Play music and podcasts all night with the 13-hour battery life.
  • Connect to any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Sleep peacefully while masking sounds of snoring and ringing.

The Bedphones are nearly $150 from the manufacturer’s site, but Tech Deals has them on offer. Right now you can pick up a pair for just $99.99.

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