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Beats Music brand will reportedly be phased out, possible iTunes-related rebranding?

According to a new report, Apple may phase out the Beats Music brand, though the streaming service will likely stick around. Whether it will remain an independent app or part of iTunes remains unknown at this stage.
September 22, 2014

A new report has hit the web suggesting that, despite the fact the service hasn’t been around all that long, the days of Beat Music are nearly over.

While the original reports claimed the streaming service would be completely shut down, Apple has since told Re/Code that this is “not true”, though they do admit the Beats brand may go away. What this means, in short, is that the streaming service and its features will stick around, though they could be relabeled or even completely integrated into the iTune experience.

This statement also seems to hint that the Beats brand for headphones and accessories could eventually be dropped, though Apple might continue utilizing it due to the sheer brand power and popularity such devices have (something Beats Music hasn’t established just yet).

We have a strong feeling that this future Beats Music change will also mean the death of Android support, though that comes as little surprise considering Apple now owns Beats and its music service and probably isn’t keen to continue offering the app for Android users. Keep in mind that there’s no confirmation on when this “rebranding” effort might take place or if Apple will end support for Android. Still, if your an Android user and a Beats Music subscriber, you might want to start looking into (arguably superior) alternatives like Google Play Music All Access or Spotify.