They say that the devil is in the details. This was probably the case for the acquisition of music streaming service MOG by Beats Electronics. Reported way back in March that the takeover was imminent, it didn’t materialize until many months after that. The USA Today reveals that the deal is pretty much done now. Unfortunately, both MOG and Beats didn’t share numbers or any other details regarding the acquisition.

MOG may not have a high as profile as Spotify, otherwise known as the daddy of music streaming service, but it does have a collection of over 15 million songs that subscribers can stream online for free. Apart from being available as a Facebook app, the service is also available on iOS, Android, Smart TVs made by LG and Samsung, and set-top boxes. MOG service is integrated into select cars like BMW, Mini Cooper and Ford as well.

Responding to the company’s first acquisition, Beats’ president and COO Luke Wood said that music service is a vital part in trying to bring back emotion into the music listening experience. Meanwhile, MOG founder and CEO David Hyman wrote in an e-mailed statement that: “Beats is a company as obsessed with sound quality as we are, and we share a common goal of creating a more premium sound experience and emotional connection with music in the digital era.” He closed his statement by stating that the integration of MOG into Beats portfolio will create “a truly end-to-end music experience.”

Seeing that Beats is partly owned by HTC, it looks like MOG, in one form or another, will make its way to HTC devices soon. The music service would complement the PlayStation certification that Sony has recently given its blessing to. It’s clear that HTC needs to pull out all the stops to make its devices stand out from the competition. An ecosystem of game and music will hopefully be enough to lure more buyers.

Bams Sadewo
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