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Now that BBM is on Android, Blackberry’s next stop might be your desktop

Blackberry is reportedly considering bringing BBM to the desktop, allowing you to start a conversation on the PC and end it on Android -- or vice versa.
March 28, 2014
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Despite the fact that Blackberry is struggling as both a company and device maker, it’s actually found a fair amount of success with BBM Messenger after bringing it to other mobile platforms including Android. In fact, the platform has managed to attract 20 million new users between iOS and Android.

Now according to an interview from Reuters, Blackberry’s CEO John Chen says that the team is currently taking a “very serious look” at bringing its messaging platform over to the PC. While this might not directly have anything to do with Android, it does mean that you could potentially begin a conversation right from your desktop machine while at work or at home. Once you leave the comfort of your desk, you take the conversation with you on your Android-powered mobile device.

Obviously this isn’t a novel concept, and cross-platform chatting already exists in a large number of messaging apps, but it’s something that users currently can’t do with BBM Messenger. Of course saying that they will bring support and actually doing it are two different things. At least at the moment, Blackberry gives us no timeframe for when they plan to introduce BBM support to the desktop.

What do you think of BBM Messenger, do you actively use it? If so, would you like have the ability to swap between the PC and your Android devices when having BBM conversations? Do you think that Blackberry can find renewed success by becoming a software company or is BBM’s success merely granting the company a stay of execution?