BBM for Android

A landing page on the Blackberry website today noted that “BBM for Android and iPhone is here”. It’s not, but this slight error on the part of Blackberry should tell us the release is imminent.

The service, believed to be in testing for some time, notes that BBM will have voice, screen sharing, and video chat coming this fall. The launch, said to be this summer, seems as though it will simply bring us BBM as we knew it: just another messaging service.

Oddly enough, BBM notes it’s coming (or here?) for ‘iPhone”, not iOS. This is either a clever marketing scheme, or a hint that an iPad version is not coming ready.

As Blackberry is said to be spinning BBM off into its own brand and company, we look for a big push to get the messaging service implemented. Screen sharing is a nice enterprise tool, but not widely necessary or desired. We’re also left waiting for features that can make it stand out, leaving BBM easily forgettable almost immediately.

The page has since been taken down, but could reappear any time. Blackberry is likely trying to organize the launch with the Play Store and Apple App Store, so it’s available to everyone at the same time.