Whether we like it or not, the smartphone world seems to be driven by the “bigger is better” principle of late. What do gadgets have today and they didn’t a year or two ago? Sure, fastest chips and more RAM, but also much larger screens. And, hopefully, they’ll have bigger batteries sooner or later.

But there is one little feature we’d all like to see shrink or, better yet, disappear altogether. The bezel. Bezel-less devices have been talked about since the Stone Age of smartphones, but unfortunately they’ve remained nothing but a sweet dream.

Until now we’ve only seen concepts, plans, projects, but nothing of substance. Meanwhile, the only company that’s done something to at least significantly shrink the bezel has been Sony.

You can thus say the BBK Vivo X3 comes out of nowhere today, with the promise of being the world’s first bezel-less smartphone. Or at least vertical bezel-less device, because the horizontal borders are still there to wrap up the display. Unfortunately, they’re also pretty massive, so this doesn’t feel like that big of a step forward.

And yet it is a step in the right direction. If the Vivo X3 is real and if it’ll look how it does in the above leaked pic. Those are two big ifs right there and the blurriness of the photo certainly doesn’t convince us the story is legit.

Vivo X1's bezel is not massive, but it's there.

Vivo X1’s bezel is not massive, but it’s there.

BBK’s name probably doesn’t ring many bells either, which would make you even keener to dismiss the report. But what you may not know is the “no-name” Chinese company has launched several solid phones in the past under the Oppo brand.

Most recently, BBK has been under the spotlight with the Vivo X1, a 6.55 mm thin phone that “coincidentally” had a very thin vertical bezel as well.

You want to believe, right? Us too, but let’s mention a couple of other things before wrapping up. First, the phone might be called X2 or X3. We’re going with X3 for now because GizChina had a report about a 5-inch Oppo Find 5 “killer” dubbed the same last fall.

Rumor has it the panel will not only be bezel-less, but also Full HD, which would be the stuff of legend. There should be a quad-core S4 Pro CPU to go nice with that, 2 gigs of RAM, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a 13 MP rear-facing snapper, 32 GB of on-board storage and a 2,300 mAh battery.

Bummer for that last part, but everything else sounds awesome. Now if only it were real too.