The BBC has recently updated the iPlayer app. The update brings just a few changes, one of which will only affect a small number of users. Still, we suspect this update will be welcomed by those already using the app. To begin with, the portion of the update that will only affect the small number — Jelly Bean support. Simply put, the BBC iPlayer app now has proper support for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Moving to the next item in the changelog and we have improvements in terms of video performance. This will likely be the bigger deal. The improvements here come by way of the new BBC Media Player within the app. This is noted as being a new app that improves both audio and video playback. A note on this, the media player portion will have to be installed separately from Google Play. The BBC iPlayer app can be downloaded and installed from Google Play and from that point, the app will prompt you to install the BBC Media Player app the first time you try and watch a video.

Otherwise, this update has brought the app up to version where it remains available for devices running Android 2.2 up through 4.1.

Robert Nelson

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