The mobile phone has evolved from being just a simple text-and-call device into a more sophisticated, computer-like tool. Your smartphone, however it is made, drains battery juice faster than ordinary cellular phones. With all those extra features, NFC chips, improved cameras, faster processors, and software enhancements on your smartphone, battery life of less than a day is to be expected on Android phones. But, with the help of battery extenders, your Android phone can survive for even a day or more.

Battery extenders are not included in the box and can be bought separately from various electronics stores. Used together with your default battery, battery extenders help you use your device longer and prevent you from connecting it with its power charger soon. Although it considerably extends battery life, you need to be extra careful in choosing your battery extender. Extra precaution should be needed when using these batteries, since they are not made specifically for your device.

Most consumers think that battery extenders will alter the phone’s performance or has a higher risk of exploding. The truth, however, is that battery extenders may even perform better than your default battery. When choosing your battery extender, you need to go for a battery that offers high-quality performance, good service, and longer warranty. One of the popular brands of battery extenders is Mugen Power. Avoid low-quality batteries which may give you undesirable battery life and may have a higher risk of exploding.

If you opt not to use battery extenders, you can go for alternative ways to cut off your battery consumption. You can either alter its current settings or plug it to its charger when not in use.

Battery extenders vary in sizes and bulkiness. Battery size is always directly proportional to its juice. The longer the battery life, the bigger and heavier your batteries will be. This is what you get from those extended hours on your smartphone. A stronger battery extender, however heavy, can give you extra phone juice of more than 30 hours. So, you will need to decide which is more important to you: a sleeker device or extended battery performance.

Your battery extender will also come with back covers. Make sure you purchase the right battery that fits your style and also fits your phone.

How long does your phone last on a normal charge on its standard battery? Is the battery life on your device acceptable to you? Do you think you should use battery extenders?