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Deal: iDea Power battery chargers on sale, $5 for 2600 mAh and $7 for 5200 mAh

Right now you can get an iDea Power battery charger for as little as $5 for the 2600 mAh version, or $7 for 5200 mAh.
December 10, 2015

Today’s smartphones are extremely powerful, with display resolutions as high as 4K, processors with quad or even octa-core configurations, and so much more. One area where smartphones lag however, is in battery performance. While there are phones out there with exceptional battery life, many phone struggle to make it a full day with moderate to heavy usage. That’s where a reliable portable charger can really come in handy.

For those looking for a portable charger, right now iDeaPower has two choices for you, the 2600 mAh portable battery charger and flashlight, or the 5200 mAh iDeaPower battery charger. The pricing for the former is just $5, with the latter at $6.99 with the use of coupon code IDPME44L.

If size doesn’t matter to you, the 5200 mAh is certainly the better deal at only $2 more. If you’re looking for something that takes up less room however, the smaller unit is perfect for those that want some small and discrete that fits nicely in a pocket, bag, purse, or whatever have you.

Either one of these would make a great stocking stuffer this year, don’t you think?