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Track your fitness like a super hero with a Batman smartwatch

Take on crime and boost your fitness with a Batman Smartwatch. It's packed with features, and you can save almost $50.
January 4, 2020

Holy fitness tracker, Batman! Making a resolution to get in shape seems easy at first, but motivation can wane. You can fight back against poor fitness and the baddies of Gotham City with the One61 Batman Smartwatch. It’s down from $125 to just $79 right now.

Now, there’s a difference between a smartwatch and a utility belt: This watch doesn’t provide bat-a-rangs or coughing gas. However, it does have plenty of cool features, and you can use it for your fitness goals while enjoying the Batman theme. The crime-fighting setting unlocks a new villain at walking intervals. For example, you can thwart the Riddler after 2,500 steps.

You can also use the Batman Smartwatch to control your batphone, your theme music, and even check the Gotham weather. Crime doesn’t take a break, and this smartwatch offers 24 hours of battery life with a recharging time of less than two hours. The weather doesn’t prevent your crime-fighting either as the Batman Smartwatch is IP64 water-resistant.

Voice assistant control, sleep monitoring, and phone finder are just three more of the many features packed into this fun device.

Batman Smartwatch at a glance:

  • Set an alert to get up and move with the patrol reminder.
  • Get messages, make calls, take photos, and more.
  • Sync and control all your music with the touch of a screen.
  • Enjoy a fun gamified experience without apps or downloads needed.

The Batman Smartwatch has a retail value of $125, but you can pick yours up for just $79. Batman wouldn’t give up on fitness and neither should you.

The deal is only temporary so hit the widget below to save almost $50.

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