The Barnes & Noble Nook has been far more popular than Barnes & Noble ever anticipated. The book retailer has struggled to fill orders with shipping delays plaguing those who pre-ordered the Android-powered e-reader when it launched on October 20th. Pre-orders were expected to ship on November 30th but that date was pushed back until December 7th. Even with the delays, Barnes & Noble was expected to fulfill most pre-orders in time for Christmas. For those who didn’t receive their Nook in time for the holidays, Barnes & Noble was sending affected customers a $100 online gift certificate. Estimates from Asian sources suggest that Barnes & Noble will ship 60,000 Nooks in 2009 alone with another 500,000 units projected to sell during the first three months of 2010. If those sales estimates pan out, the Kindle may finally have some serious competition.

[via TechCrunch]