It’s a six-inch full E-Ink touchscreen that can hold 1,000 books. There’s an initial 2GB storage but microSD upgrades can muscle it all the way to a hefty 32GB. Such is the brand new Nook e-reader Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch triumphantly raised in the air today in a cozy event in New York.

But wait, seen below isn’t the new Nook (it’s Mr. Lynch at a previous Barnes & Noble event), as photos of it are a bit scarce. Read on for the full reveal.

B and N CEO

The official unveiling drew an obligatory amount of oohs and aahs from a rapt audience who were teased the new Nook’s virtues. Running on Android 2.1, the Nook is slated for a June 10th release and features a bevy of improvements to warm the hearts of devout fans. Most notable is the E-Ink display with decreased page flashing and 50% less contrast than Nook part 1.

Dubbed The Simple Touch Reader, the lightweight device being hailed as the newest sibling of the “best selling Android tablet in the U.S.” marks a considerable improvement over its predecessor. There’s also a social networking-like aspect to the Nook thanks to recommendation app Nook Friends where avid readers can share their favorite texts with like-minded fellows.

Nook New

There’s so much cool stuff about the Nook Simple Touch, it’s best to have a block quote form the official press release:

“At only 7.48 ounces (212 grams), the artfully designed All-New NOOK is lightweight and thin – 35 percent lighter and 15 percent thinner than NOOK Wi-Fi 1st Edition™. Lighter than a paperback, NOOK’s sleek but durable, compact design (6.5 inches high by 5 inches wide by 0.47 inches deep) makes it easy to fit in a jacket, pocket, purse or backpack, holding up to 1,000 digital books and more personal content using the expandable memory slot. Its ergonomic, contoured design with a soft-touch back makes it easy and comfortable to read, even with just one hand, and for extended periods of time. And thanks to best-in-class battery life, read for up to 2 months on a single charge with Wi-Fi off – that’s twice as long as the other leading eReader available.”

The last important bit is the new Nook will cost a decent $139.

Source: Phandroid