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Barcode Cache: App for managing and sharing scanned barcodes

March 28, 2012

With a plethora of applications at Google Play Store, our Android smartphone never ceases to surprise us with new and exciting apps that can make it a pocket-size convenience.  Barcode scanners, for instance, belongs to a type that shoppers can use frequently to immediately fetch info about an item.  But, with hundred—or even thousands—of codes that need to be scanned, we need an app that organizes things.  This is where Barcode Cache comes to our aid.

Barcodes and QR codes are scanned to identify certain information about a product. With the creation of barcode scanners and the ability of smartphones to scan codes, these codes are now used to rapidly spread a variety of information on the web. You can share a website link, your business card, or a personal message via QR codes.

The Barcode Cache app is a simply designed application that collaboratively works with your barcode scanner. The app’s  primary function is to organize and store your scanned codes. You can also use this app to easily share your scan codes to your friends.

For the Barcode Cache app to work, you will first need a barcode reader installed on your phone. The developers recommend you to download and install Barcode Scanner or Google Goggles. You can get these apps for free from Google Play Store.

Opening the app for the first time will bring you to an empty list. You will need to create a category in order to store your scanned codes. To do that, tap the Menu button and select “Create Label.” From there, you will need to type the name of the category and hit the Save button to create a list.

To begin storing your QR and bar codes,  tap the desired category and it will automatically open the barcode scanner you installed on your device. Take note that Barcode Cache only serves as a storage for your codes. You will need a barcode scanner for this app to work. Otherwise, an error message will pop up on the screen.

If you have 2 or more barcode readers installed on your Android phone, the app will ask you to select which scanner to use. After successfully scanning the codes, the app will automatically store the scanned codes in the selected category.

For your personal preferences, tap and hold the selected category and an Option menu will appear. From there, you can edit the name of a list, delete a list, share it to your friends, and add a color marker to the selected category.

Download and install the Barcode Cache for free from Google Play Store so you can easily organize, store and share your scanned codes.

Do you use barcode readers when shopping?  What barcode reader do you use?  How do you manage the barcodes that your phone scans/reads?