Apple has announced earlier today that it already sold 2 million iPhone 5 units in the first 24 since opening the pre-order window, but that doesn’t mean the new iOS handset is not taking its first hits from the competition and their fans.

We already saw Samsung hit Apple with a paper ad targeting the iPhone 5, in which it explains to potential buyers why the Galaxy S3 is the better choice (here’s the response of Apple fans), but also Nokia fans taking to themselves to make fun of Apple’s new handset.

Today we have one more thing (pun intended) to show you that makes fun of Apple’s latest announcement, the “Banned iPhone 5 Promo” that has been just published by the guys over at JLE, whom you may already know from similar iDevice pranks but also from their popular Gentlemen Rants.

The video mocks Apple’s iPhone 5 presentation video that was first aired during the iPhone 5 launch less then a week ago. Apple’s promo video is by now a feature of Apple’s media events, with each new product, especially iOS devices, having one such clip shown during the presser.

In fact, the official video is also available below, in case you want to compare the performances of the JLE boys with the Apple execs who are part of the real deal.

Samsung has recently launched its own Galaxy S3 design presentation video, that’s very similar to what Apple does with its iOS devices, although we’re yet to see anyone make a Banned Galaxy S3 Promo video off it.