An application has recently been removing from the Android market place because it is suspected of attempting to capture banking details from customers of the First Tech Credit Union without the owner’s knowledge. This information has already been reported on FTCU website, but some damage may have already been done.

On the surface, the application in question did appear to look genuine. There are legitimate applications just like it that are useful utilities “for managing accounts on Android-based mobile devices”. However, a developer going by the name of Droid09 may have used the application to gather online banking details of First Tech Credit Union customers, among others. It should be noted that the application itself was not solely aimed at First Tech Credit Union customers, but they were one of the first to condemn the application.

This problem is thought to be a by-product of the openness of the Android platform and marketplace. In comparison to the iPhone, where Apple’s online application market has a strict and rigorous vetting process, this would have been unlikely to happen. It would therefore seem as though there is a price to pay for the development freedom afforded by Android. Perhaps this latest news will spark a back-lash and a more controlled market place policed by Google. We shall see.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.