Even with online and mobile banking and online payment services like PayPal, checks are still a preferred way of payments, especially for banking customers who want to get their stamped or deposited checks as receipts. But if you’re depositing a check, you would usually have to go to a branch to make an over-the-counter deposit (or encashment). Or you can visit your bank’s ATM.

Banks are riding on the mobile trend, and are now allowing mobile depositing of checks through smartphone apps. Bank of America, for one, has enabled this feature on its iPhone app earlier this month. But with the latest version 4.0.50 update to its Android smartphone app, clients can now deposit checks straight from any compatible  Android phone.

The process is fairly easy: the app asks you to photograph the front and back sides of an endorsed check, and you will then have to input the amount and the target account for crediting. The app will send the data to BofA’s servers.

Of course, funds will not be available immediately, as these will have to go through the usual check verification and clearing process. If you need faster clearing, then it might be worth driving to your bank to do an encashment or deposit. Otherwise, this app will surely save you time and transportation costs.

Get it now on Google Play if you’re a BofA depositor. The mobile check deposit feature still doesn’t work on tablets, though, but the bank is working on updating its tablet version, which should include this feature.