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After massive delays, Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition finally arrives to Android

After a massive delay, Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition has finally made its way over to Google Play, priced at $9.99.
April 18, 2014

Back in January of 2013, Beamdog revealed they had run into a snag with the Android version of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, leading to a delay. And that was pretty much the last we heard about the whole effort, until today.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition has finally arrived to Android, priced at $9.99. While this is a pretty hefty cost for a game that was released in 1998, it’s worth it if you’re at all a fan of the series or enjoy roleplaying games. Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition is more than just a straight port of the original, bringing a large number of improvements to the interface, high-resolution fonts, dynamic zooming, and several other tweaks.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition has finally arrived to Android, priced at $9.99

As for the content? There’s at least some new elements here as well. In addition to three new hero characters that can join your party, there’s also two major expansions that enhance the original 60-hour game. The expansions are “tales of the Sword Coast” and “the Black Pits”. For those looking for even more content, there are also some in-app purchases present. I know, IAP on a $10 game might sound like a bit of a turn off, but remember none of these purchases are required to fully enjoy the game.

According to the game’s app description, the following content can be purchased from within the game:

  • Brothers Lost: Lend your aid to Rasaad yn Bashir, the Sun Soul monk, as he scours the Cloud Peaks in search of his lost brother.
  • Neera and the Red Wizards: Save the wild mage Neera from the cruel machinations of Thay’s dreaded Red Wizards.
  • Path of the Bloodied: Join the blackguard Dorn Il-Khan in taking revenge against those who betrayed him in Luskan.
  • Gallery of Heroes: Reimagine your character with eleven never-before-seen character portraits from acclaimed Icewind Dale artist Jason Manley!
  • New professionally recorded voice sets to choose from to further customize your character.

Is Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition really worth your time and money? Yes and no. If you thoroughly invested in the original PC game, keep in mind that largely it’s still the same experience as you played all those years ago — just enhanced and somewhat expanded.

In other words, if you don’t like ‘re-beating’ games, you might want to pass. For those that love the nostalgia that comes with giving a game another run through or who never had the full opportunity to check out the game, you’ll absolutely want to consider picking this one up.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition should play nicely with just about any Android device running ICS 4.0 or higher,

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though a larger screen is recommended. Those with 5+ inch handsets should be able to get by okay, though a tablet is preferable.