The current trend of mobile devices depends mostly on the operating systems being used. Android is currently in a tight race with iOS. One of the main advantages of Android is the fact that its app market is more or less open to be used. There are, of course, a few locations where the full functionality of the Android Market is yet to be seen; one of these places is China. Well, Baidu, the popular Chinese search engine has decided to leverage this into a profitable lead; the company has just opened an online store for Android apps on the Baidu Mobile homepage.

China’s leading search engine isn’t exactly taking over for the Android Market; it just aggregates all of China’s third-party app stores into a single portal. Right now, Baidu is only promoting two apps plus ad-supported versions of the popular Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja games.

When a customer wants an app, he just clicks and downloads it immediately – with no need go through any other store. It already gives people access to a lot of China’s top apps – even from those of Baidu’s rival search engines like Tencent, Sogou, and Sina.

Android’s growing popularity has given Baidu a huge market in the China – mostly because Google does not support paid apps in China, with a lot of the smart phones in the Chinese market with no possible way to access the official Market app. This has resulted in a lot of security problems, most of which stemmed from a number of malware and spyware apps being uncovered in China’s many third-party app stores. Hopefully, Baidu’s centralization may solved this problem of malware being spread.

Source: Penn Olson


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