It’s that time again. Everyone’s favorite game from the same folks who made Angry Birds has a cousin now. Meet Bad Piggies, another physics-based mechanics speed-warped fun-fest for all. The madness ensues, but in a different way this time. The object is to build, not destroy.

We’re not talking Age of Empires or anything here. When we say build, we mean the object is to carry a funny looking pig  throughout the level using nothing but a small set of tools and a sense of adventure. That’s right, the progeny of the game that had us flinging birds in a mad dash uses the same fun tactics to keep game play interesting, but now has us building goofy contraptions to collect items.

While we think Bad Piggies will be a big hit with the crowd, just based on Angry Birds wildly popular success, we’re not absolutely sure if it will be on the same level. Quick and fun gameplay, colorful characters, goofy sounds, and accessibility are all present in both; this means Rovio knows what their audience likes and has used a formula, much like Cut the Rope. We know you’re interested, so go ahead and indulge starting tomorrow when Bad Piggies is released for Android.