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Critically-acclaimed iOS game ‘Bad Hotel’ arrives to Google Play

After receiving quite a bit of positive praise on iOS when it debuted in late 2012, Bad Hotel has finally arrived to Android by way of Google Play.
January 17, 2014

When Lucky Frame’s Bad Hotel first debuted on Apple’s AppStore back in the later-half of 2012, the game received a fair share of critical praise for taking the tower defense genre and uniquely combining it with procedural music. Unfortunately, the game remained an iOS exclusive up until December of 2013, where it made its Android debut through the Humble Bundle. And now the game has finally arrived to Google Play as well!

Bad Hotel’s story is pretty simple (though fairly quirky): you are an entrepreneur that has purchased land within the territory of a tyrant by the name of Tarnation Tadstock. Your goal then is to build your hotel up as quickly and efficiently as possible while defending it from Tadstock using an army of rats, seagulls, yetis and other unique creatures. As you build your hotel, you’ll also continue to receive improved weapons to better defend it.

So where does the music element come into play? Depending on what actions you take while building and defending your hotel, the generative music system will create original music. A vast variety of music can be generated and can even be used to create complex musical structures that can further defend the hotel.

As you can imagine, the combination of music and tower defense already makes this app stand out, but Lucky Frame takes things a step further by providing some wacky visuals as well. The graphics here are different to say the least, though mostly in a good way.

Bad Hotel is a premium game, though its $1.99 asking price isn’t too terribly outrageous. To learn more about the game or to purchase it, you’ll want to head on over to the app’s Google Play page.

Anyone try this one out yet, if so, what do you think? Worth the cost or not?