While being multilingual has its perks, you can’t deny having moments when memory fails and you just can’t remember the meaning of a certain word. Whether you’re reading an e-mail, a news article, or even a book, not knowing what a certain word means can drive anyone crazy.

Sure, you may have your language dictionary somewhere in your room, but what if you’re out of the house and you really need that translation on the double?

Thankfully, there’s Babylon Translator. Babylon, the world’s leading provider of dictionary and translation software, has long been a staple for multilingual individuals for their computers but only recently has it seen light on mobile phones.

First appearing on Windows Phone 7, the official Babylon Translator app has finally arrived on Android. Now you can translate on the go–whether you need help figuring out what your teacher is saying in that language you took up years ago or trying to impress a foreign business client.

Though not the only app of its kind, Babylon Translator has the advantage of interface and function. Babylon Translator’s interface is sleek and easy to navigate through, with a language marked by the country’s flag.

Babylon Translator provides comprehensive dictionary results and full text translations between dozens of languages. If you’d like help translating a word from an e-mail or an article, simply copy and paste the word to get an immediate translation.

If you’re not satisfied with getting a translation in one language, you can translate text into several languages simultaneously.

The Babylon Translator app is definitely a must-have for individuals who deal with more than just their native language.

Use the Term tab to look up meanings of words in US English in languages you can select. You can even see Wikipedia articles relating to that word for some languages.

When you use the Text tab, you have the option of translating complete phrases into the language of your choice. It’s the power of Babylon for the computer in a neat and compact app for your Android device.

Babylon Translator is absolutely free, but to be able to work correctly, it requires an Internet connection. Every time you look up a word, Babylon Translator retrieves results online from Babylon’s servers. Considering the power of Babylon Translator’s services, however, the Internet connection is a small price.

Start speaking in tongues on your Android phone or tablet today.  Install Babylon Translator free from the Google Play Store.

What translation app do you use on your phone?  How does your current translator app fare in comparison to Babylon Translator?

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