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More businesses than ever rely on the cloud to manage mountains of data. That means that there are a wealth of opportunities to work in DevOps and engineering. You can work towards certification and become an Amazon Web Services engineer with the Complete AWS Dev and Ops Training Bundle.

This beginner-friendly learning kit helps you to prepare for your AWS certification exams with nine total hours of content. For starters, you can dig into continuous delivery and automation through hands-on projects. Each module builds on the last so it may be beneficial to start right at square one.

Power through four modules en route to becoming an AWS engineer.

You’ll progress to work through authentication and authorization, which comprises about 10% of the exam. The final module covers high availability and elasticity to teach you how to implement auto scaling and use Relational Database Services.

Altogether, the four modules cover 100% of the expected exam content, so you’ll be ready to ace it.

The Complete AWS and DevOps Certification Training Bundle

The AWS DevOps Certification Bundle:

The four modules in the Complete AWS Dev and Ops Certification Training Bundle have a retail value of nearly $800 but you can save 96% and get started now for just $29.99.

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The Complete AWS Dev and Ops Certification Training Bundle
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The Complete AWS Dev and Ops Certification Training Bundle Buy it Now
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