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Deal: 7-steps to becoming a certified AWS specialist

This beginner-friendly masterclass trains you in AWS and a number of related tools. It’s on offer temporarily for just $35.
October 2, 2019
AWS Amazon Web Services Certified Architect Developer Bundle 2019

The future of tech is in the cloud. More and more businesses base their infrastructure online, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the biggest name in cloud computing.

More specialists are required, and the salaries on offer are often generous. Today is your chance to get extensive online training towards certification. In fact, it’s almost $1,000 worth of training, but today it’ll set you back just $35.

The AWS Certified Architect Developer Bundle 2019 is an expert-led collection of seven learning kits. It contains over 51 hours on hands-on tutorials in Amazon Web Services, DevOps, and a host of related technologies.

AWS Amazon Web Services Certified Architect Developer Bundle 2019

No prior knowledge is required so even a complete novice can start training. You’ll start with introductions to cloud storage and content delivery, then build out from there to CDN Services, Cloudwatch, SNS, and more.

You’ll even get fully prepped for the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam. Adding this certification to your repertoire will validate your training and get a foot in the door for professional positions.

The AWS Certification Bundle:

As you can see, the mere $35 you’ll pay for the whole bundle is much more affordable than even one of the courses in the package.

Over 3,000 people have already enrolled, so don’t be left behind. Hit the button below to check out the offer.

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