There are times when we get too busy with other stuff that we tend to forget and misplace our phones and tablets. The worst case scenario is that someone takes advantage of these busy moments and steal our device.

To address this need for additional security, Avira has developed an anti-theft Android application that allows the device owner to perform several anti-theft operations remotely. Read on to know more about how this app can secure your Android device.

Features of Avira Free Android Security App

There are numerous security applications in the Google Play Store geared to protect your device from malicious content like viruses and malware.  There are also several Android security apps that can remotely control your device in case your device gets lost. Avira Free Android Security belongs to the latter.

Dedicated to protecting your Android device from theft, the security app features several anti-theft options packed in it. Using this app, a user can locate the device on which the app is installed, wipe data on the device, lock the device, or sound a loud alarm (called a “scream”) on the lost Android device.  All these are done remotely.

The great thing about this app is that you can monitor and control several devices as long as those devices are registered with your email address. Aside from those features, you can also monitor the operations of a device through the Avira Web Console, through which you can view device information such as the brand, model number, IMEI number, operating system version, current battery status, and some details about the SIM card.

Getting Started

When you first start using the app, you will need to register your device using your email address. Once that is done, you can now avail of all the app’s anti-theft features through Avira’s Android Web Console.


Once you log in to the Web Console, you can now opt to check the location of your lost device through GPS, lock your device with a 4-digit PIN, wipe data on your phone, make your device scream (sound a loud alarm), and check the history of the device’s operations.

Also, if your device lands in the hands of a good Samaritan, he or she needs some information to be able to return the device to the owner. You can send a custom text message to your lost device with your email address and another phone number so that the person who finds it can reach you.


There’s nothing better than being alert and careful when it comes to safekeeping your device, but if the odds are against you, you can rely on Avira Free Android Security and be assured that if your device gets lost, there is still some hope of retrieving it.

If you want to give this app a try, you can download Avira Free Android Security from the Google Play Store.