aviate launcherAviate isn’t letting its recent Yahoo acquisition slow down its updates, as the team just released a new update to its launcher that adds some new features, most notably surrounding music.

The latest update to Aviate adds a new space to the launcher: Listening Space. The idea of Listening Space is simple, as soon as you plug in your headphones the launcher will take you to Listening Space which autopopulates with all of your music and audio apps. Or, if you don’t have many music apps, it can recommend some to download from the Play Store.

Of course, just surfacing apps isn’t all that special, so Aviate does a bit more by detecting the music you’re listening to and customizing the experience based on each song. Listening Space is able to determine the artist of songs you listen to, and can pull up the bio of said artist and if they have any upcoming shows in your area, for example. The launcher can also display tweets from artists and recommend that artist’s top songs from Spotify.aviate listening space

The new update to Aviate also includes the new Photography Collection which collects all of your photography apps in one place. It also makes location detection more accurate, which is helpful for those who use different spaces for work and home.

Unfortunately, while Aviate is still updating its launcher, said launcher is still in private beta.The blog post detailing Listening Space does say you can use the code “MUSIC” to get into the launcher, but the app still isn’t available for everyone just yet. Hopefully the intelligent launcher will open up to even more users sometime in the near future.

Have you had the chance to try Aviate on your phone yet?

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