We’ve tried out a number of the security apps available at Google Play, but nothing comes close to offering the comprehensive coverage you get with Avast Mobile Security. This app combines antivirus protection with anti-theft and loss tools and you can even set up a firewall on rooted Android phones.

The best just got better because Avast just released a major update. The new version of its Mobile Security app adds a host of new features. You’ll now find a network meter to measure incoming and outgoing data, a widget for home screen access, and a Site Correct feature which automatically corrects mistyped URLs. There is also improved Shield Control for advanced settings.

We saved the best for last. Avast has always been a great Android security option because it combines antivirus with anti-theft. Now there’s still some debate about whether you really need antivirus protection on Android, but there’s no doubt that phones get stolen and lost all the time. You now have the option to sign in to a Web interface and remotely track and control your Android device. This means you can locate it on a map, remotely lock it, or even wipe it if you’re concerned it has fallen into the wrong hands.

After trying a number of Android security apps and comparing their performance in independent tests it is easy to recommend Avast Mobile Security as your best option. The sheer variety of features is more in keeping with a premium app, but it is still completely free.

Grab your copy of Avast Mobile Security at Google Play today or check out our top list of the best Android anti-virus apps.

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