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AutoPebble app helps you take your Pebble smartwatch to the next level

AutoPebble is a new Pebble app that allows users to customize and enhance the functionality of the Pebble smart watch, bringing Tasker-like functionality to their wrist.
January 31, 2014

If you’re looking to bring an whole new level of customization to your Pebble smartwatch, you’ll want to turn your attention to a nifty new app called AutoPebble.

So why would you be interested in this app? For fans of Tasker, the closing line in the video below is probably the only sales pitch you’ll need to hear. This great line reads “It’s just like bringing Tasker to your Pebble.”

As you might already know, Tasker is an Android customization app like no other, capable of performing thousands of functions on your device. Most Tasker users will spend hours creating and tweaking a Tasker Task to perform an exact function – based on the forums, tutorials and my own experience, most start off with location based actions to turn on or off WiFi and mobile data, or volume controls to, for example, turn the ringer off at night and back on in the morning.

This is what we love about the Android community; Passionate individuals step forward and groups come together to solve problems and find ways to better Android for all of us.

The idea of AutoPebble is to take all this great customization and bring it to your smartwatch. AutoPebble is actually a Tasker Plugin, which means it ties into, and relies upon, Tasker to perform actions on your phone. AutoPebble is also the name of the .pbw Pebble application that you will have to download and install onto your watch.

The combination of these two apps make it possible for you to spend many more hours creating intricate tasks to handle any manner of function between your watch and your phone. The only catch is that you will need to upgrade to the Pebble Firmware version 2.0 beta for the app to work.

To give you an idea of what AutoPebble is capable, here are some suggestions for possible tasks that you may be interested to try out on your watch:

  • Twist / Shake / Tap actions – Assign tasks to run when you shake the watch, this could be a twist to lock your phone screen, shake to change music tracks and a tap to play/pause a song or mute the audio.
  • Custom Notifications – Control the vibrations fired or notification sound for notifications. Instead of receiving one vibration pattern for all notifications, customize it to be three quick pulses for an incoming SMS, one long pulse for an email, continuous short pulses for an incoming call during the day and one short pulse for an incoming call at night.
  • Location and Time actions – Assign tasks based upon your location or the time of the day. Ensure that you are not disturbed at night by turning off ringers after 10pm, turn them all back on again in the morning. Change your ringtone to Bach when connected to your work WiFi, and back to Katty Perry when you return to your home WiFi.
  • Combine the actions – Almost all of the actions and tasks can be combined to best suit your needs. Upon disconnection from your work WiFi, send and SMS to your family to let them know you are on your way home. When you connect to your Bluetooth dock in your car, fire up a custom car mode on your phone and your watch, with limited functionality and large, easy to read text and icons. Auto-start Maps and load route navigation to home, but only if the last WiFi you were connected to was not work or home, because I would assume you can figure that out without a map.
  • So much more – There are many more triggers and tasks that you can use to customize your experience.

We also encourage you to try out some of the other features highlighted in the following video:

What do you think of AutoPebble, interested or not? For those that have already tried it, give us your impressions in the comments below!