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Autodesk ForceEffect: Simulating engineering design concepts on the go

July 23, 2012

There’s no doubt that Android smartphones are equipped with an arsenal of features which assures their usefulness in different kinds of situations. Various mobile applications reinforce the handiness of smartphones, catering to different purposes ranging from simple operations to complex tasks and computations. Autodesk ForceEffect is one of the latter, designed for engineering students as a useful aid in performing tedious design analyses and measurements.

Autodesk ForceEffect is one of the apps of choice for doing quick engineering calculations and simulations right on your mobile device. It provides you with ample engineering functions such as real-time solving capabilities, complete solutions for both statistically determinate and indeterminate problems, and CAD integration, all of which can be easily done via its intuitive interface.

The app really is very handy if you want to check the viability of a structure without going through the cumbersome task of solving and sketching with all the measurements and computations. All it requires is for you to capture an image of the structure that you want to analyze or simply upload it. The app then takes over from there, showing to you all the necessary information that you need via intuitive gestures.

The app is packed with various tools dedicated to let you test a design such as:

  • tweaking object dimensioning, global scaling, units, and constraints
  • creating loads and moments as well as break element at joints
  • creating supports such as sliding pin, fixed pin, grounded support, fixed joint crossing, and welded crossing
  • adjusting weight to individual elements, compute reaction forces and moments for equilibrium and over-constrained systems

Once you have done all that you need to do with the app, you can easily print, email, or view a result’s report on any HTML-enabled browser or mobile device. As mentioned, it’s also integrated with CAD via DXF files which have industry-standard export capabilities, letting you continue your work on your desktop when you get home.

Using the app may be awkward and overwhelming at first glance but you’ll get the hang of it especially if you understand your engineering concepts. If you can’t figure the app out, it also includes online video tutorials to help you get started. It also includes a few design templates that you can work on before you get immersed with the real stuff.

In a nutshell, Autodesk ForceEffect is a mobile engineering app that lets you easily test structural designs on the go, really very handy for engineering students who have hectic schedules.

Try and download Autodesk ForceEffect now from the Google Play Store.