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Android Authority On Air - Episode 56 - Live with doubleTwist Magic Radio

Android Authority On Air – Episode 56 – Live with doubleTwist Magic Radio
March 22, 2013
Android Authority on Air

This week on Android Authority On Air, we were joined by Sebastiaan de With from doubleTwist to discuss their recently launched service, Magic Radio. If you aren’t familiar, Magic Radio is a unique streaming music discovery service that doubleTwist launched last week. With over 13 million songs in the doubleTwist library, Magic Radio is fully integrated with consumers’ listening habits and offers personalized, near-infinite playlists of music they already love with music they will love. We had plenty of questions for Sebastiaan lined up such as how Magic Radio differs from existing services, their challenges, “mood” based stations, and plenty from our live audience. Additionally, doubleTwist may or may not be looking to revamp their app with Android’s latest Holo guidelines in the near future.

As for weekly news, we covered statements from Eric Schmidt on Chrome OS and Android. We gave our initial impressions on Google’s latest app, Keep, which is a simple, yet powerful note taking application. Thanks to some high profile leaks, we saw a sneak peak on a revamped Google Play Store. The new UI revealed a very clean, minimalistic Holo UI that reflects the web version of the Play Store. And, Currents can now play Podcasts.

For hardware and carrier news, Nvidia released a revised road-map for their next generation chip-sets.  T-Mobile prepares to LTE all the things with their Galaxy Note 2 and Verizon surprises us with Android 4.2.2 for the Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.1 for the Droid 4.

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