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Will G.

I am a huge fan of Android. Almost being with Android Authority for close to a year, it is really nice to see new, talented writers embrace the "Android Dream" with the group of writers we have. My role at Android Authority is currently as a writer, to accompany my past skills in editing and reviewing top products for this site. I now sport a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Will's Posts

Sprint Welcomes the ZTE Fury Today – For Only $20!

Since the beginning of the smartphone revolution, just about every smart manufacturer has teamed up with carriers to release devices that would appeal to consumers not ...
by Will G.March 11, 20123

Google Maps Navigation Gets Update: A More Simple UI, For the Lost Wanderers

  While it seems like Google Navigation has been the longest BETA in history, a new update has been added to give the interface a more basic and efficient feel. ...
by Will G.March 11, 20122

“Where’s My Water?” Hits Number 1 in the Android Market

You have to admit. there is a not a lot of diversity of the “top” category in mobile gaming. We see that usually the top five games in the Android Market consist of Angry Birds, ...
by Will G.March 7, 2012

South Korea Sells 700K Galaxy Note’s and Counting!

While there is now official word on pre-orders starting at BestBuy on Sunday, South Korea is very much enjoying their taste of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Since Samsung is based out of ...
by Will G.February 3, 20122

How-To: Download Google Wallet (From the Market) On the Verizon Galaxy Nexus

It was great when XDA developers released a version for Google Wallet for root users. But after that, a version was released that did not require you to root. You have to love the ...
by Will G.February 3, 201219

Sonic 4 Episode I Update – Now Playing on ICS

Those of you that previously played Sonic 4 Episode 1 must have been quite sad that it was not compatible with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the longest time. However, SEGA ...
by Will G.February 3, 20121

Exclusive Review – Droid Razr Maxx Review [Video]

Since the first talk at CES, Android Authority has been following the Droid Razr Maxx for some time now. Released on January 26, the Maxx sports an impressive 3300 mAh battery. ...
by Will G.January 30, 201212

App Review – PlaceMask (Protecting Your Location)

On Android Authority, I have written a few reviews on applications that keep your Android phone nice and safe. But, those were mostly anti-virus scanners, with the average ...
by Will G.January 29, 20122

Google Music Update Now Available – Download Music From the Cloud

Evolving now more than anything in the tech age is online storage. Well, there has been web hosting for many years, but to actually store personal information like photo’s, music and ...
by Will G.January 26, 20125

New Game Released – Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

You must be very acquainted by now with “tower defense” games on the Android Market. There are simply way too many to keep track of. However, one developer is kicking it up a ...
by Will G.January 26, 2012
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