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Vinny Marino

Vinny, is a huge mobile technology enthusiast. He is constantly reading up on the latest Android news. Vinny also enjoy's what he does here, making stellar app, game and custom rom video reviews, as well as creating some great how to video's. While Vinny isn't all wrapped up in android he enjoys rooting on his favorite football team on Tv.

Vinny's Posts

How to Flash Custom ROMs on Your Android Phone

If you’ve rooted your Android phone, you’re most likely interested in a few custom ROMs. The problem is that many people interested in flashing custom ROMs are not sure how to ...
by Vinny MarinoAugust 31, 201117

Wallpapers That Make Your Android Phone’s Screen Glow, Sparkle, and Twist in Multicolor

Android fans love to change their devices’ wallpapers from time to time.  A static wallpaper, however, can become boring and bland.  Here are five of the best live wallpapers that ...
by Vinny MarinoAugust 30, 20111

Best Android Apps for Those Prowling for a Job

Are you looking for a job and do you have an Android device? Forget classified ads in your local dailies. If you have an Android phone, you practically have access to thousands of ...
by Vinny MarinoAugust 29, 20114

Of Dragons, Dice, and Good Samaritans — Best 3 Android App Games for August

August is about to come to a close, but the month didn’t just go by without some really awesome games worth recommending to you. If you’re like most Android users, you ...
by Vinny MarinoAugust 24, 20111

Apps to Use When You’re Bored with Your Android Phone’s Lockscreen

With all of Android’s famed customizability and flexibility, you would presume that customizing a basic screen item–the lock screen–should be easy to accomplish. ...
by Vinny MarinoAugust 22, 20117

Freshly Baked HTC Sense 3.0 ROM Called Kinged SHOOTER E3D Comes Out of XDA Oven

The HTC EVO 4G has seen its flashes of HTC Sense 3.0 ROMs in various colors. And, while the ROMs shine bright and colorful while they are still fresh off the oven, their brilliance ...
by Vinny MarinoAugust 22, 20113

Three Android Apps to Start Your Week Right

If you own an Android device, chances are you’re always looking for the latest and greatest applications out there on the vast Android Market. For this week, I have three ...
by Vinny MarinoAugust 22, 20112

How to Root Your HTC EVO 4G (with OTA Gingerbread Update)

With the current flood of new and more powerful Android smartphones, the HTC EVO 4G may look like it’s an already old phone. Yet, although the HTC EVO 4G was released last year ...
by Vinny MarinoAugust 18, 2011200

Virtual Shutter Release Button on Your Android Phone Too Small? Get a Screen-sized One

Some Android smartphones have physical camera buttons. Others don’t–and much to their owners’ frustration. For the latter case, a virtual camera button usually ...
by Vinny MarinoAugust 15, 2011
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