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Štefan's Posts

NVIDIA says ZTE will be the first company to make a Tegra 4 phone, isn’t that sad?

NVIDIA has just announced that ZTE will be the first company to launch a smartphone powered by the brand new Tegra 4 chip. Isn't that a little bit sad? Why not Sony? LG? HTC?
by ŠtefanFebruary 20, 20138

Researchers figure out how make Xenon flash modules tiny, might ship in 2014

Researchers have figured out how to make Xenon flash modules incredibly tiny. The trick is to make the capacitor out of polymers, not electrolytics.
by ŠtefanFebruary 20, 20134

Qualcomm announces the Snapdragon 400 and 200, for budget smartphones

Qualcomm has just introduced two new chips for lower end devices, the Snapdragon 400 and the Snapdragon 200. Both should land in phones this year.
by ŠtefanFebruary 20, 2013

ST-Ericsson to demo a 3 GHz smartphone that supports 17 bands at MWC next week

ST-Ericsson has just announced that they're going to show off a 3 GHz quad core chip at MWC next week, because why not? Sounds cool, right? Not really, because we don't have a ship date.
by ŠtefanFebruary 20, 201321

Acer unveils the Liquid E1 and Liquid Z2 before MWC; they’re coming to Europe

Acer has announced two new phones before the start of MWC. Both are for budget conscious people. But honestly, if you're on a budget, why not buy used?
by ŠtefanFebruary 20, 2013

SwiftKey 4 drops the beta tag, is now available in the Play Store for $1.99

SwiftKey 4 has just hit the Google Play Store. It's 50% off too, so if you haven't gone ahead and purchased the app ... what are you waiting for?!
by ŠtefanFebruary 20, 20135

T-Mobile takes the GoSmart prepaid brand nationwide, unlimited everything for $35

T-Mobile is now offering everyone in America unlimited talk, text, and 2G internet access for $35 per month. That's the bargain of the century, or is it?
by ŠtefanFebruary 19, 20137

NVIDIA announces Phoenix, hopes to make handset maker’s lives far simpler

NVIDIA has just announced something called Phoenix. It's a reference board that's meant for handset makers looking to get a device out to market as soon as possible.
by ŠtefanFebruary 19, 20132

NVIDIA announces the Tegra 4i, and sadly it has nothing to do with the Tegra 4

NVIDIA has just announced the Tegra 4i, their first Tegra chip with built-in 4G LTE. You'd think it's the Tegra 4 with LTE, but it's not. It's a faster version of the Tegra 3.
by ŠtefanFebruary 19, 20136

High rez press photo of the HTC One leaks just hours before the unveiling [Update]

An ultra high resolution image of HTC's One has just leaked. What makes this leak crazy is that the official announcement is less than 12 hours away! We'll be covering it live.
by ŠtefanFebruary 19, 201322
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