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Štefan's Posts

NC State students use software to boost WiFi performance by as much as 700%

Say you've got one device, your laptop, connected to a WiFi network. The WiFi router feeding internet to your laptop has no problem handling all that traffic. But what happens when ...
by ŠtefanNovember 19, 20124

Popular Science gives Google Now the “Innovation of the Year” award

Popular Science, which was launched in 1872 according to Wikipedia, has given their "Innovation of the Year" award to Google Now. Not only that, they called Apple's Siri "outdated by ...
by ŠtefanNovember 16, 20123

Sources say Samsung will show off a 4.99 inch 1080p AMOLED screen at CES 2013

According to the Korean website Asiae, Samsung is going to show off a 4.99 inch AMOLED panel that pushes 1920 x 1280 pixels at this upcoming CES. They also say that this screen will be ...
by ŠtefanNovember 16, 20128

Samsung has begun production of 10 nm 64 GB memory chips for mobile devices

Samsung Semiconductor, the part of the company that makes the various bits and bobs that are essential to making your smartphone actually work, has just announced that they've begun ...
by ŠtefanNovember 15, 20126

Texas Instruments to fire 1,700 people, OMAP to focus on embedded systems

Texas Instruments, makers of the famous OMAP line of processors, have been saying for a while now that they're tired of keeping up with the big boys of the mobile industry. It used to ...
by ŠtefanNovember 15, 20121

Who wears the pants in the Android family, Google or Samsung?

We all tend to forget that Android is nothing more than just another mobile operating system. Is there something special about the OS that has propelled it to the pole position that it ...
by ŠtefanNovember 15, 201210

Motorola’s free $100 for those who can’t get Jelly Bean isn’t that easy to get

Motorola is owned by Google, yet they can't seem to figure out how to update their phones to the latest version of Android. To make people happy, they said they'll give them $100, but ...
by ŠtefanNovember 14, 20128

Verizon to start preloading Amazon’s new “App Suite” on their Android devices

Amazon, looking to get more people to buy not only physical goods, but also digital content, threw a bunch of cash at Verizon to get them to integrate their new "App Suite" on Verizon's ...
by ŠtefanNovember 14, 2012

Qualcomm is now officially worth more than Intel by market capitalization

Hell has frozen over. Qualcomm, a company that designs chips and modems for smartphones and tablets, is now worth more than Intel, a company that not only designs their own chips, but ...
by ŠtefanNovember 14, 20127

Walmart’s Head of Mobile doesn’t believe in NFC, says there’s no problem with using cash and plastic

Gibu Thomas, Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital at Walmart, doesn't think mobile payments are going to be a big thing according to FierceWireless. He even went so far as to say ...
by ŠtefanNovember 13, 20124
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