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Štefan's Posts

HTC’s One was supposed to launch in Taiwan today, but now it’s due on the 7th

HTC's One, which was announced less than a month ago, will hit the Taiwanese market this week according to a local Taiwanese publication. For reasons we don't understand, it'll have 16 ...
by ŠtefanMarch 3, 201322

Google will launch Play Store gift cards in the UK pretty soon, perfect for children

Young people own phones and tablets these days, but not credit cards, so they can't buy apps. That's why gift cards exist, and they're soon going to come to the UK.
by ŠtefanMarch 3, 20135

ZTE doesn’t want to “burn” money on ads, says that’s not part of their “character”

ZTE's USA CEO told FierceWireless in an interview that the company doesn't want to throw money away on advertising. Their operator partners will do that for them.
by ŠtefanMarch 3, 20134

Google said to introduce Opera Mini and Amazon Silk like features in Chrome

Google is going to copy Opera Mini's compression service and stick it inside Chrome, which can only be a good thing for people on slow wireless networks.
by ŠtefanMarch 3, 201312

LG: We’ve shipped over 10 million phones with 4G LTE support (mostly in Korea)

LG has just announced that they've shipped over 10 million phones that have 4G LTE support. That means they've been shipping less than 750,000 units/month. Is that good or bad?
by ŠtefanMarch 3, 20136

DigiTimes: Samsung wants to sell 1 million Galaxy Note 8.0 units per month

That brand new 8 inch Samsung Galaxy Note, apparently the South Korean device maker wants to sell a million of them every month. Is that reasonable? We think so!
by ŠtefanMarch 1, 20137

Google’s CFO says the next few phones from Motorola aren’t going to impress you

Google's CFO just dropped a bombshell. He said that the next few phones from Motorola are going to be drop dead boring and unimpressive. Hell of a quote!
by ŠtefanMarch 1, 20139

Android VP of Engineering: Google treats Motorola “just like HTC or Samsung”

The head of Android engineering at Google just reiterated the company's stance that Motorola being treated the same as every other Android partner. Is that true though?
by ŠtefanFebruary 28, 20134

Aptina’s new camera sensors capture video in 4K at 30 FPS, 1080p at 96 FPS

Aptina has just announced two new camera sensors, with one being a 12 MP part, while the other does 13 MP. What's cool is that both can capture 4K video at 30 FPS.
by ŠtefanFebruary 28, 20137

Leak: LG Optimus LTE III: 720p HD screen, 4G LTE, and Samsung design

An as yet to be announced phone from LG just got leaked. It's called the Optimus LTE III, and it looks a lot like a Galaxy S II. It even has the same flip cover as the GS3.
by ŠtefanFebruary 28, 20131
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