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Motorola’s promise of just one major update for the Edge Plus is unacceptable

Android updates are not a priority for Motorola, but if it expects people to pay $999 for an Edge Plus, it must do better.
Simon HillMay 11, 2020203 shares

Budget iPhones and premium OnePlus phones: Where do we go from here?

The smartphone world has turned upside down: an iPhone is now one of the best cheap phones. How will Android OEMs respond?
Simon HillApril 26, 2020303 shares

Flagships aren’t driving smartphone innovation anymore

Anyone looking for real innovation in smartphones today, is not going to find it in flagship lines.
Simon HillApril 25, 2020894 shares

Can we stop it with the comically big phones now?

Smartphones are growing bigger and bigger, and Android phone manufacturers have stopped making smaller phones. What gives?
Simon HillApril 5, 20201209 shares

A ‘mid-range’ Pixel 5 actually makes total sense

Picture a Pixel 5 starting from $800 in a sea of $1,000+ flagships.
Simon HillMarch 29, 20201082 shares
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