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Shea Harris

Shea is a freelance writer, marketer, consultant, and tech enthusiast who has a particular passion for Android. When not writing he works as an internet media consultant for small businesses. In his free time he enjoys sports, home theater, and listenin’ to the blues. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and Google +!

Shea's Posts

Rooters rejoice: AT&T HTC One X bootloader unlocked

We finally have good news for those AT&T HTC One X users out there who like to root and flash ROMS. A member ...
by Shea HarrisMay 26, 2012

What’s next for smartphone camera technology?

We’ve all come to take for granted how easy it is to take a photo or video at any time, thanks to our smartphones having cameras. While it’s amazing that we have ...
by Shea HarrisMay 24, 20124

New System Allows London Police to Instantly Download Your Phone Data

For those afraid that our right to personal privacy is slowly disappearing, there’s a new example of law enforcement procedure to support that concern. If you’re suspected of a crime ...
by Shea HarrisMay 22, 20125

How Wireless Charging Works

If you’re like me, you find having to plug in your phone to charge it quite annoying. After all, we now live in a wireless world. What could be more cumbersome than having your phone ...
by Shea HarrisMay 22, 201229

T-Mobile introduces new pricing structure for prepaid mobile broadband plans

It looks like T-Mobile USA is getting proactive in their attempts to mitigate the quarterly loss of postpaid subscribers. The number four mobile carrier in the nation has announced a ...
by Shea HarrisMay 20, 20124

CoreControl App for HTC One X gives you more CPU control

If you’re an Android user who loves to root your phone, you’re probably well versed on the benefits of apps that allow you to control your phone’s CPU. From over and under ...
by Shea HarrisMay 20, 20121

Google patent details indicate Google Glass(es) may use hand gestures

  Augmented vision is a staple of sci-fi movies, like Terminator or Battlestar Galactica, to name just a couple. But the future of augmented reality may be closer than you think!
by Shea HarrisMay 19, 2012
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