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Shawn Ingram

Shawn's Posts

AT&T ditches Aio brand in favor of Cricket

AT&T’s Aio prepaid brand, which you may remember as the brand that got in trouble for using the color magenta, is merging with Cricket, a more recognizable prepaid brand. Read on for more!
by Shawn IngramMarch 14, 20145

Facebook brings new photo features to Android app

A new version of the Facebook app brings a few handy photos features to Android that have been available on the desktop version of the social network for a while.
by Shawn IngramMarch 13, 201416

Apple is asking for $40 per device from Samsung for 5 patents

Apple thinks Samsung should pay a royalty rate of $40 for every Android smartphone and tablet it sells for just five patents. Read on for more!
by Shawn IngramMarch 12, 201484

Talon For Twitter 2.0 includes a new widget and many other changes

Talon For Twitter was updated to version 2.0 today with an incredibly long change log that includes everything from a new widget to a floating compose button and a slew of minor fixes ...
by Shawn IngramMarch 10, 2014

T-Mobile brings more data to most Simple Choice plans

T-Mobile is making a few changes to its Simple Choice plans that will give most subscribers more data, and bring free international texting to everyone on March 23. Read on for more!
by Shawn IngramMarch 7, 201413

Moto X Touchless Control now reads notifications

A new update to the Touchless Control app for the Moto X and other recent Motorola devices adds an incredibly useful new voice command that reads notifications out loud. Read on for more!
by Shawn IngramMarch 6, 20144

OnLive respawns with new services and streaming MMOs

After more than a year of relative silence OnLive has respawned with a new way of thinking about cloud gaming and the ability to stream MMOs to your Android device, or a number of other ...
by Shawn IngramMarch 5, 20141

Google Play Games update adds match invites

Google released a new update to Google Play Games that bumps the app from version 1.1 to version 1.5, adding a couple features along the way, but nothing truly groundbreaking. Read on ...
by Shawn IngramMarch 5, 20146

Samsung stops skewing benchmarks results with KitKat update

Recently Samsung and other Android manufacturers started to artificially boost their numbers in benchmark apps, but it appears that practice is starting to come to an end with Samsung’s ...
by Shawn IngramMarch 4, 201472

Xbox Live reportedly coming to Android soon

Microsoft is reportedly looking to bring Xbox Live to Android and iOS, possibly bringing achievements and cross-platform play to more smartphones and tablets. Read on for more!
by Shawn IngramMarch 3, 20142
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