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Randy's Posts

Sony Ericsson Is Shooting Themselves In The Foot – A Critical Look at Sony Ericsson

  I have always been a fan of Sony products. Back in high school, Sony used to be the preferred Walkman music player. They revolutionised the world with the ...
by RandyOctober 14, 20112

Why Apple Is Very Afraid Of Samsung

There have been many articles floating around in cyberspace about Apple fearing Samsung, and yet, there are none like the one you are about to read. Most of them will talk about ...
by RandyOctober 7, 201161

Motorola + Google = The New Android Mogul? A Critical Look At Motorola Mobility

If anyone were to ask me – which company took Android to the next level – it would be Motorola. Why? It’s simple, really. Without Motorola creating the original ...
by RandyOctober 4, 2011

LG – Things Are Not “Looking Good” – A Critical Look at LG in 2011 and Beyond

LG is no longer a foreign name among Android lovers. They have set their footprints in the heart of consumers — or have they? The First Dual-Core Phones, Half The ...
by RandySeptember 27, 20115

A Critical Look At Samsung Mobile – 2011 & Beyond

In 2010, Samsung made headlines with their flagship device – the Samsung Galaxy S, which sold over 10 million units. They also had the privilege to introduce the Nexus S ...
by RandySeptember 15, 201149

Best Business Card Reader App for Android – MobiReader Pro Means Business!

Any full-fledged business person will appreciate DIOTEK’s MobiReader Pro. The application is a business card & document OCR (Optical character recognition) that lets you instantly ...
by RandySeptember 8, 20113

The Post-HTC Desire Syndrome

It was in August last year that I contemplated purchasing my first Android phone. At that time, I loved the HTC unibody Aluminium concept and I was totally sold to the HTC Sense ...
by RandySeptember 3, 20113
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